DIY Smoothie Station Box

Its been awhile since I created something new and I’ve been itching to get my hands on some scrap wood to build a box for my dry smoothie ingredients.

Normally I store these favorites in the pantry; after adding smoothies to my morning routine I decided having them available on the counter made life a little easier.

Morning smoothies consist of milk, frozen and fresh fruit, slivered almonds, fresh herbs and flax seed. I really enjoy smoothies, how about you?

I had some beautiful cedar boards left over from a previous project and decided they would be perfect for this project.

Customize Measurements

The measurements are set to your own liking, this way you can build to what works best for your storage needs.

I used cedar boards; this included two ends, two walls and a bottom.  Once the wood was cut I made sure to sand each piece removing any rough edges.

The box is connected with finishing nails so make sure to drill pilot holes prior to connecting.

Building Steps

  • We have give pieces of wood
  • Connect the walls to the ends one side at a time with finishing nails
  • Connect the bottom of the box so that it overhangs with finishing nails.

Note: Pilot holes keep the wood from splitting, never skip this step!

Finish with Color

Once the box is built add a little color.

I went with a light oak stain because I like the natural beauty of wood grain. Painting and adding a little stencil detail would be another neat option you might want to consider.

Smoothies Anyone?

The box is done and sits perfectly on my counter.

Having a little smoothie station ready to go is helpful, especially since I’m not much of a morning person. I make a smoothie for breakfast or as a afternoon snack and really enjoy them during the spring and summer months.

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker you could turn this box into your wake up station or just use it for storing small items.  The thing is this little box offers a lot of neat possibilities.


Build a neat smoothie box for the kitchen that can also be used for coffee or tea. #Woodenbox, #Smoothies, #DIY

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