Texas Home and Garden – Fort Worth Fall Show 2015

Fort Worth was another great weekend full of energy and inspiration.   If you missed this show mark your calendars because I’ll be in Dallas next month.

It’s a joy to get out there and help others.

Before I give you a rundown let me thank my husband Robert for being my awesome helper, everyone who attended the workshops, Texas Home and Garden and Katie Houdek, she’s amazing and one of the neatest people.

Katie is always full of excitement and knows how to make things happen!

Father/Daughter Winners of the Easy Reach Raised Bed


Seed Box and Family Team Planter Box Workshops

Seed Box Workshop

These workshops were awesome!  The seed box was a breeze where adults and children had the opportunity to hammer and create their own fun.

The first builder was a sweet lady, she sat down and had that little box put together in under 10 minutes; the best part she left with a smile.

When folks walk into a Garden Up Green Workshop they never know what to expect.  The element of surprise is at the end when they leave with a finished project they created.  It’s a wonderful thing!

Sweet little girl and another awesome builder

The Family Team Box

The Family Team Planter Box project was beyond fantastic.  Watching families and couples build together simply warmed my heart.

I’m a believer you can do anything you set your mind to and this workshop proved that working together can be fun, especially when you get to take home the project for free.

Neat Family, working together is what family is all about

This family attended both workshops.  I had a chance to visit with the mom and she mentioned they were teaching their little girls to garden; I was excited to hear this.

Teaching children to garden is valuable. The best place to learn gardening is right in the backyard where memories become knowledge.

Their box may get some wheels and loaded up with toys.  Using a simple wood box to clean up is fantastic.

Other builders were going to plant with the opportunity to make this project their own.

The Easy Reach Raised Bed Presentation – I loved this!

The Easy Reach Raised Bed

I have to admit that sometimes being on stage can be intimidating.  This is when I’m reminded it’s not about me, it’s about getting the information out there and inspiring others.

At one point when I looked into the crowd, I glanced at my husband, and a bit of emotion hit me by surprise. Why you might wonder?

Because I’m blessed, Robert is so supportive and for years has encouraged me to follow my dreams and goals. He was smiling at me with this proud face and it was awesome.

If you were there and wondered why I got a little choked up, it was a good thing, a reminder that blessings are all around us.

The Easy Reach Raised Bed went to an awesome Father and Daughter; who also attended the Planter Box Workshop.  This Dad was so patient and his daughter’s energy and excitement was the best.

Thank you again – it was a pleasure to visit and build with everyone.