DIY Fall Vase Arrangement

What do I love about fall? Watching the colors change, in Texas that doesn’t really happen unless we’ve gone weeks without rain or drive out to the countryside.

What I like most of all is anticipation of cooler temperatures.  Normally fall happens pretty fast and it never gets very cool until about November. However it does get cool enough so I can wear jeans and short sleeve shirts again, which is wonderful.


I’ve been thinking about fall decorating quite a bit lately; this is when I noticed orange and red zinnias with massive amounts of herbs that need my attention.

So I decided to do some harvesting and create a fall floral arrangement. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?
Let’s take a look at how easy it is to bring a little fall indoors from your left over summer garden.

Begin with a Vase

The first thing you need is a vase.  I’ve been using this blue Mason jar all summer and I love it even though the opening is small.

Once you choose a vase fill it with warm water and add a little sugar before heading to the garden for fresh cut goodness.  If you don’t have any flowers in the garden then I guess you’ll have to head to the store for a fresh cut bouquet.

Follow Up with Flowers

Make sure you get a nice selection of greens in addition to your flowers; I used a combination of herbs with my zinnias. Once everything was cut I placed them on the table in groups for cleaning.

Cleaning Flowers

Normally I would clean and place each type of flower in its own bucket and let the the stems drink for at least an hour before using.  Since I’m going to use these flowers right away and their straight from the garden I decided to skip that step.

  • To clean, remove leafs from the stems about a 1/4 of the way up before stopping, stems will look naked making them easier to use.
  • Remove additional greenery also keeps bacteria from forming in the water, which means your flowers will last longer.

Add Greenery First

First add your green stems, one by one.  I used blooming mint, basil and lemon balm, the mint had a mind of its own so I let it go free form.

I recommend using at least two different types of greens with all types of floral arrangements.  Greenery adds contrast and compliments floral blooms in addition to holding everything in place.

Back in my floral designer days we used clear tape in the form of a grid on top of our vases, it was such a pain but it helped keep everything in tact.

I skipped this step because I’m not traveling far from the garden to the house with this arrangement.

Adding Flowers

This is a centerpiece style arrangement, which means flower placement went circular and opposite of each other.  This was very free form, giving each zinnia space at different levels so each one makes a statement.

When you’re designing straight from garden to vase you don’t always have everything you’re accustomed this is when you learn how to improvise and make things work.

There is a lot crammed into this vase; the small opening keeps everything rather tight; if the opening were wider things would be reaching out and I would have been able to use more flowers.

With Traditional floral vase arranging you would have at least three or four types of flowers, described as follows:

  • Line material
  • Focal point
  • Medium cut
  • Filler
  • Sometimes you can add a fifth if you’re designing a large piece.

Perhaps in the future I may elaborate on floral designing, it’s a lot of fun and something I really enjoyed. Bring flowers indoors this fall; a little fresh cut natural beauty is a great way to enjoy the season.

Make your own Fall Vase arrangment with flowers and herbs from the garden. #Flowerarranging, #Fallflowers, #Homedecor


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