Placing Things Together

I finally got around to building myself a box on wheels.  This project was fun but what I really enjoyed was adding the finishing touches.

Placing things together circled around this fun chevron ribbon and gray stain.

Placing things together is where my visual strengths come to play,  imagine a project before even beginning.  So how do you get there?

For me it sometimes involves a trip to a hardware or craft store.  I need to visually see and touch elements that I would enjoy working with before establishing a plan.

I also like sitting in my garden or taking a walk through the farm.  I’m extremely inspired by nature because the stillness is calming.

If you study the outdoors you’ll notice everything flows with detail.  I’ve studied nature since I was a kid; my fascination blended between peace and quiet was comforting.

Placing things together is a way of saying thank you; I share what inspires me so that others can discover a new kind of beauty. This brings me to the box cart.

The Hardware Store

I went to the hardware store for inspiration this project because I needed wheels and to my surprise I found a row of craft supplies. The perfect set of wheels was next to this awesome chevron ribbon.

It felt like a major score and off to the paint department I went.

I found a simple weathered gray stain and knew I was ready to get home and begin placing everything together.

Staining the Box

Staining was a breeze, I applied the stain with a brush and then went over it with a rag.  This allowed little step allowed a bit more of that wood grain to shine through.

I used about a fourth can of stain and then let the box air dry.  It’s always good to paint or stain projects outdoors because fresh air ventilation is best and wearing a face mask is always smart.  Gloves would have been another good idea and guess what?  I forgot both!

The box was completely stained in under an hour and when it dried it was time for those finishing touches.

Adding Elements

The wheels and hardware made this box functional.  Once it’s loaded with supplies moving it around the house will be a breeze.

When it came time to add the ribbon I envisioned birds flying, primarily the moment of flight take off and landing.  I added the ribbon using a stable gun and tied a knot in the center so it was rather free formed.


Placing Things Together Complete

When the project was finished it was time to step back and simile.  I created exactly what I planned.

Placing things together comes from the heart, never be afraid to take the time to reflect and share a piece of yourself.  Let your surroundings inspire your design, it just may surprise a new creative idea.

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