Vintage Enamel Fall Combination

When I first launched the blog in 2014, I shared my joy for vintage enamelware.  It’s the bright pop of white with a rim of color that seems to grab my attention and no matter what you place in these containers they look great.

Even sitting all by itself, enamelware looks attractive.

This fall I decided to gather my containers and place them on the picnic table because this table always looks better with some type of display.

The backyard is a bit of an oasis, much like the garden  so I like to sit here and enjoy the quiet.

Once I gathered everything I made a quick trip to the nursery and picked out some fall plants.  I was after fall colors and wanted something that wasn’t the traditional yellow, orange and brown theme.

It was still pretty early for fall plants so I also knew my selection may not be the best.

The Traditional Mum

The selection was very basic and I found myself surrounded by garden mums everywhere I looked. The truth is I’m not a huge fan of mums but I decided to start with one in the shade of burgundy.

What I was really searching for were pansies and perhaps some asters.

A Basket of Pansies

I don’t know why but something about pansies speaks fall.  So, in the corner of the nursery there was a rack loaded with a rack of pansy baskets filled with golden orange pansies.

Of course I grabbed one because separating them would be a snap and carry this neat color pattern through the entire setting.

Complete with Asters

Finally I grabbed a couple mini asters in shades of purple and since they’re perennials eventually they’ll go into the ground to enjoy each year.

Consider planting mini asters for fall, they’re easy to care for and they grow like gang busters.

Osage oranges just had to be included because they matched this package of romaine lettuce.  Love these shades of green!

Sprucing up the backyard is always fun and now I’m looking forward to relaxing evenings by the fire pit surrounded by pretty things and roasted marshmallows.  Now doesn’t that sound like fall?

Outdoor Fall Decor is fun with vintage enamelware and bloomig flowers. Decorate with a vintage flair. #FallDecor, #FallPlanting, #Enamelware


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