Welcome Pumpkin Planter

Fall is in the air and it’s time to build something fun to match the season.  This projects requires very little skill to complete and the best part it’s made from scrap wood.  If reclaimed wood isn’t available then a simple fence board would work perfectly.

Building Project Supplies

  • Saw and Drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Small Screws
  • Finishing nails
  • Hammer
Design supplies consisted of; spray paint, natural wire ribbon, washi tape, letter stencils, and a variety of three fall plants.  I was excited to purchase plants because I found pansies.
Craft supplies can be purchased at any craft store and you might already have some at home.

Board Measurements

Measurements are simple and you can tweak them if needed.  We’re using scrap wood from pine fence boards.

  •  Two 1.5 for back wall, the pumpkin
  • Two small pieces under .11 inches to connect back of pumpkin
  • Two .7 inches end planter walls
  • One .10 inches front planter box wall
  • One 10.5 x 3.5 planter box bottom
  • Stem is just a scrap piece of wood.

Begin Building

After the boards are cut and remember to sand away rough edges.

We’re going to begin by drilling the pumpkin together using two .11 inch boards. In using e screws per piece is perfect and drill pilot holes first.

Then take this outside, spray paint orange and let dry.  You could also paint with acrylic or even stain if want a natural look.

While this piece is drying we’re gather the planter box pieces and begin putting them together using finishing nails.

Build and Connect Planter Box

This part of the project gets a little confusing because I changed things during the building process.

To create the planter box use four pieces of wood. Take the bottom and attach the face of the planter using finishing nails. Spray paint all these pieces white and let it dry.

While the planter box is drying add brown paint to your stem and let that dry.  Once everything is dry we can connect using a hammer and drill.

Connection Steps

  1. Flip the pumpkin so the back is facing up and lay on top of the planter.
  2. Connect using screws and make pilot holes before drilling or hammering.
  3. Flip to the side and add the planter box walls using finishing nails.
  4. Connect these walls so their lined up with the pumpkin wall.  There will be an overhang in front of the planter.
  5. Hammer to the box and pumpkin until everything is secure.
  6. The last step is to add the stem, make it a tad off centered and screw in placed from the back side.

Time to Create

This last step allows you to get creative.  I wanted my project to be pretty simple leaving focus towards the plants.

Add washi tape and ribbon where desired then follow up with a little quick stenciling.

Once the box is completed drill 4 drain holes in the bottom of the planter and line the inside with plastic before adding plants.

It’s ready to hang and now you have something new and fresh for the front door, we’ll enjoy this for a couple months before it’s time to make something new for the next season.

It’s your turn, get out those tools, and have some fun by making your own Welcome Pumpkin Planter.