Natural Wreath made of Fiber and Feathers

On our homestead we raise Jacob sheep; that means we have access to what I think is amazing fiber.

It kind of makes sense that I actually do something with it, right?  I’m often asked if I spin or knit, I almost feel guilty saying no.

Every sheering season I normally give the fiber away and keep just a tad for my projects.  So, I don’t make yarn, instead I wash it and turn it into the unexpected.

Last week I made this wreath using a combination of Jacob sheep fiber, emu and quail wings.

Preparing Wreath and Applying Fiber

To assemble a project so unique, I started with a foam base.  These can be purchased at any craft store and they come in all sizes. The base of the wreath was covered with an old burlap bag I had after cutting it into strips.  I used hot glue and worked fast.

I needed some type of material covering the wreath because my plan was to apply the sheep fiber with craft glue.  This was a slow process and it begins with small amounts so it resembles the beauty of a newborn lamb.

If you’ve ever seen or held a Jacob lamb you may understand what I’m talking about.

A Finished Wreath using Flock Feathers

Additional element were added and these also came from our farm.  I’ve been saving emu feathers when they molt and quail wings when we harvest.

I realize that may sound a little strange but I love the detail and new at some point it would be possible to find a creative use for them.

Placing these elements together was a bit risky because I wasn’t sure if they would work together.  I loved the wreath by itself, the simplicity was lovely and to be honest it did’t need anything else.

It wasn’t until I started thinking about our farm when I decided it would be neat to create a wreath that combined our efforts.  Which meant the feathers were a welcome addition; they were added using hot glue one at a time but I made sure to create some kind of pattern that was original.

A wreath like this can be enjoyed year round, it’s a natural look for those wanting to add a little uniqueness that others may overlook.

How to make a Natural wreath using Jacob sheep fiber, emu feathers and quail wings. Learn how right here. #Homestead, #NaturalWreath

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