Give Thanks Centerpiece 2015

This month we’re building something fun for the Thanksgiving table using power tools. If this sounds a little scary it’s okay, perhaps you can find someone to cut the wood for you.

We’re re-creating the Give Thanks Centerpiece for 2015;  you might remember last year’s centerpiece that was a fun one.

Box Building Tools and Supplies

This list of tools and supplies can be purchased at your local hardware store.  This project can also be made using scrap or reclaimed wood.
  • Hand Jig Saw
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain – natural oak, we’ll use a  rag or paint brush to apply
  • Measuring tape
  • One 8 ft Cedar or Pine fence Plank.
  • Finishing nails


These measurements can be modified, so if you want a longer box extend the length of the width.  This would be the side walls and bottom.
  • 1 bottom 10 inches
  • 2 ends at 6 inches cut both with a triangle roof– mark the wood before you cut.
  • 2 inside walls at 3.5 x 7 inches each.
  • 2 swirl cut pieces for the outside top sides at 8.5 inches each

Let’s Build

  • Before beginning make sure to sand each piece, this simple step will make stain application a breeze.
  •  Drill two pilot holes on each side of the end pieces; this is a total of 8 holes.
  • Connect the ends to the inside walls with a hammer using finishing nails.
  • Add the bottom; you’ll be drilling four pilot holes before you hammer with finishing nails.
  • There is an overhang you should be about an inch longer on each end. Connect both
    swirl pieces, use one pilot hole on each end side and hammer in place.

 Decorating Supplies

Supplies can be purchased at any craft store and pine needles come from nature.

  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors + Wire cutters
  • White Spray Paint
  • Handful of full length dried pine needles
  • 3 yards each of Ribbon and some wire for ribbon loops

Let’s Decorate

Once the box is assembled, run sand paper over it one more time. Apply Stain using a brush or rage, the wood
will soak it right up, let the box air dry outside. This may take a couple hours.

  • Stand back and light air spray the box.
  • Just let a dusting fall onto the box, you want to make sure the stain is still slightly visible. This should be dry in 20 minutes.
  • Add ribbon and pine needles using a hot glue gun.
  • Make ribbon loops by connecting with wire and apply to the box with hot glue.

The ribbon is pulled tightly around the box and tied off at one end before adding any sort of loops.  Pine needles are added with hot glue on each side just above the ribbon.

This box was perfect for a couple fall bloomers.  Make sure to add liners, add a couple pine cones or moss and your box will be ready for the table.

This would look nice with candles placed with a festive table runner.  Get creative but most of all have fun with it.

Easy to make Fall centerpiece for any thanksgiving table. Duplicate this project for your table. #Thanksgivingcenterpiece, #Fallcenterpiece

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