Ideas for Gardening and Landscape

Dreaming about ideas for landscaping can be the most enjoyable garden planning activity.

Before choosing plants, it’s important to think about what they offer.  True landscaping can define any outdoor space so embrace what it is you want to attract to your outdoor environment.

This could vary depending on your lifestyle.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want wildlife present?
  • Are you seeking privacy?
  • Do you want a play area for children?
  • Should you grow food?
  • Should you grow cut flowers + foliage?
  • Would you like a bed for herbs?
  • Would fruit trees or vines work?
  • “What do you want?”

Questions can be endless but the real question is, “What do you want from your landscape?

Once you decide how the yard or garden will work in addition to how much maintenance time you can offer it won’t be long before dreaming will become a possible reality.

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Lacking Ideas?

If you’re lacking ideas it might be time to just go for a walk or drive.  Look at what your family, friends or neighbors are doing.  This will help you acquire what you like or dislike.

Seek additional experiences to expand your ideas using the following resources.

  • Gardening books + magazines
  • Attend a Home and Garden show
  • Get a list of public gardens – These can be fun field trips with family and friends
  • Pinterest

While You Dream Consider this:

It’s fun to dream, keep the dream realistic especially with the garden and ask yourself about how many hours a week can you commit to the space because spring – fall will be your busiest seasons.

By now you should have already researched what plants would be best for your area.  Take careful consideration to the following options when you continue to list what it is you want your garden and landscaping to actually become.

  • Edible Gardens – herbs and veggies
  • Cut flowers and Foliage
  • Blooming shrubs like roses
  • Fruit trees and berry vines
  • Food, water shelter for wild birds and butterflies
  • Screened in areas for privacy
  • Decks or paved areas for outdoor entertainment
  • Creative outdoor work space
  • Pathways, these can be nice on rainy days
  • Potted plants you can move around
  • Garden storage – shed or greenhouse
  • Views you want to get the most from
  • Low maintenance areas

This is a pretty lengthy list of things to consider but they’re all necessary when you’re dreaming a garden space that will complement landscaping.

Find out what it is you really want and make sure you keep a record of your notes because they will be extremely helpful as time goes on.

Gathering ideas and inspiration for creating a garden space that complements landscaping. #landscape, #Gardenideas