Parsley Health Benefits and Growing Tips

I love all herbs but flat leaf parsley is my go to for almost all Italian based meals.  It’s beautiful on a cloudy or sunny day and a warm welcome year round when I enter the garden.

I thought it would be fun to share all the goodness this herb has to offer and it just happens to be easy to grow.  If you haven’t already added parsley to your herb garden it’s my hope by the end you’ll be inspire to give it a try.

Parsley Health Benefits

I always enjoy seeking the health benefits of any food growing in the garden, for some reason it makes me feel better knowing I’m adding good nutrients into our body.

Parsley has many rich vitamins, these include vitamin C, B 12, K and A.  What does this mean to you?  It helps keep your immune system strong, heals the nervous system and tones your bones.  It also helps flush out excess fluid from the body.

How to Enjoy Parsley

So how can you really enjoy this herb beyond the health benefits?  I’m going to list some exciting ideas that just may inspire.

  • Add fresh to any green salad.
  • Add to all Italian cooking, especially tomato stew sauce.
  • A vase arrangement all by itself and add a spray rose stem for more beauty.
  • Makes a pretty garnish when serving a meal.
  • The oil makes for wonderful fragrance in handmade soap.
  • I love adding to almost any summer beverage, especially tea.
  • I’ve used it on fire ant bites, apply the leaf and it’s very soothing.
  • Air dry and use when cooking if fresh parsley isn’t available.

Are you thinking of Growing Parsley now?

I sure do hope by now I’ve inspired you to grow parsley in your garden  It’s such an easy to grow plant and they’re ready available at all nurseries in the fall and spring.

Grow parsley year round with these simple steps:

Parsley is slow to germinate so if you begin with seeds do this in the spring 8 weeks indoor before the last freeze. Also soak seeds 24 hours in warm water prior to planting as this will speed up the germination process.

Beginning by seed in the spring will give the plant plenty of time to acclimate before fall arrives and the first frost hits.

I like to purchase 4 inch plants that are ready for transplanting then I use the following tips for best results.

  • Plant in full or part sun, it will thrive in both conditions
  • A nice loamy soil that is fertilized with natural ingredients
  • If you have additional plants make sure to plant 6 – 8 inches a part.
  • Don’t let the plant dry out, during the early days prior to acclimating they like the soil to stay moist.
  • Continue watering through summer as you would water the rest of your garden.

Parsley is a neat plant and one of those healthy herbs that you’ll want to enjoy in the kitchen to enhance the flavor of any meal.

Get started by seed or plant and use these helpful tips for growing in your garden.

Learn how to Grow Parsley successfully and learn the healthy benefits they provide when you add to your diet. #Herbs, #Parsley, #GardenTips

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