Holiday Crate x10

We’re kicking off December with a little creativity from a simple crate. I teamed up with some awesome bloggers who also turned this wooden crate into Christmas fun. Make sure to check out everyone’s project using the links listed at the end. We’d love to know what you think!

We started with this wooden crate; they can be purchased at any local craft or hardware store. I had a pretty good idea what I was going to do with mine from the very beginning, a simple nativity crate.

The baby Jesus is from my childhood.  It was my absolute favorite Christmas decoration because it represented why we celebrate and a wonderful presence of peace.

I remember the day and store where my mom purchased this piece and when she finally decided to pass it along I was excited.

My kids didn’t like it as much; they preferred our family nativity they picked out years ago. So in the cupboard it went waiting for the day when creativity was inspired by an almost empty nest.

Creating a Nativity Crate

  • Begin with my favorite dark walnut stain, applied with a paint brush.  It took a warm afternoon outdoors for it to completely dry.
  • The wooden star was coated with white chalk paint using a rag; I made sure there were gaps so the natural wood still shined through.
  • On the back of the star I applied a wooden piece for a little lift.
  • The silver piece was a lid from a 3 wick candle I purchased at Bath and Body Works.  I added a little foam board for easy application to the star.
  • For added embellishments I used burlap chevron ribbon, recycled berries from last Christmas and tree twin from a Christmas tree we purchased years ago.  I love that twine!
  • Craft glue was used for application in the first phase of this project.

Placing it all Together

For days I looked at all these pieces waiting for the right moment to place everything together.   Then it hit me and off I went to go plug in the hot glue gun.

The first thing was to add the outer ribbon and twine.  I went from one wall to the other adding small glue dots as I pulled tight, applied and completed.  Then I added a little strip of ribbon inside the crate.

The star addition was next and that came together after attaching the silver center. There was a tad of twine left which was perfect.  Once the star was finished I hot glued in place. In the meantime off to the shed I went for some fresh hay.

The bed needed some love and the hay was the perfect touch.  Then I continued my walk to my favorite pasture where I found some Ashe Juniper with blueberries. This was a great find and really added some natural beauty to this project. I love bringing the outdoors inside.

When the nativity crate finally came together, I just sat back and smiled; for me this is why we celebrate the season.  A piece of old and new came together to continue a new chapter of memories.

Holiday Crate x10 Projects – Blogger Links

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What will you do with your Holiday Crate?

May this Christmas Season be Beautiful.

We Hope You’re Inspired!