Reclaimed Wood Sign – Hot Cocoa Served Here!

When the seasons change I like to make a new project for the front entrance and since Christmas is here it was time for something new.

Today’s piece is a little different because some of the reclaimed wood is from a wooden table I purchased years ago.  After 10 years of wear it just kind of gave way so I took it apart and began using the wood in new projects.  This sign is a keeper!

Supplies List and Getting Started

  • Reclaimed wood came from my wood pile
  • Branch wood came from an old table
  • Hot Cocoa Stencil From Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils 
  • Stencils, paint and ribbon – Come from any Craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels.
  • Screws and Craft Glue

I used my chop saw to cut the wood according to the stencil measurements. I had 2 of Funky Junk’s Stencils but decided to go with the Hot Cocoa option because it was a perfect fit for the season.

After playing around with the wood to figure out my plan I lightly spray painted the flat wood white.  With my drill and a few screws I applied the wood branches from the back side.  This connection needs to be secure because it will hold your sign together.

Stenciling and Ribbon

I’m still learning and improving with this stencil thing; believe I may have figured out where things go wrong.  This sign turned out better and my next project will continue on the path of improvement.

Get my new and improved stencil tips here.

I love these stencils because they’re fun and they match my personality.  The quality is also great making them great for repeated use.

A hanger was also necessary so I glued and used a couple screws to attach the ribbon, it worked perfectly.

The rest of the ribbon was added using craft glue and just tying off in knots.  This was mainly incorporate to cover the flaws from the wood to present a nice clean finish.

This was just really fun and once everything dried I was ready to place this festive sign.

Hot Cocoa anyone?  My favorite additions to the perfect cup of hot cocoa are simple, always use milk for the base, add a little vanilla ice cream and frozen raspberries right before serving.  If you come to visit hot cocoa is on the menu.

Make your own Rustic Christmas Sign for the holidays using leftover materials.  Enjoy!

Make Rustic Signs for Christmas using reclaimed wood and fun stencils. Click here to learn more! #StencilSigns, #Christmassigns, #WoodSigns


  1. This is so pretty, Carole! I love the infusion of nature into this one. It really brings out the trees!

    1. Carole says:

      Thanks it was a fun one – I’m getting ready to dream up some new ideas for Christmas this year. Think I might be onto something but I need to check out your shop one more time before settling on an idea. I’m loving the mix and matching you can do, it’s so fun!

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