New Year Garden Party

I get a bit excited when January 1st approaches because this was the day two years ago that I launched Garden Up Green.  So much has happened and it’s all been plain amazing.  

This coming year will be a little unbalanced because there are changes taking place on the home front.  Our home will become an empty nest, we’ll be purchasing new land, selling our current farm and I’m hoping to plant the garden in an extreme fashion.

All this activity that circled my brain made me realize I needed to head to the garden and have a little party.  I guess in a way I’m celebrating a chapter coming to close as a new one awaits to begin.

Let’s head over to the garden and see what kind of New Year party took place.

I haven’t worked in the garden since October, unless it was to bury compost and that’s not work.  We’ve had so much rain I just didn’t want to deal with the mess that was circulating.

When other gardeners were busy preparing their garden for winter, I just pulled out all the dead plants and said, “I’ll be back later.”Yesterday I finally made it back there because my hands needed to feel some dirt and celebrating followed indoors after things were finished.

Most Garden Parties begin with music, lights, food and natural beauty.  My party was a little different, it included a visit from the emus, the dogs waiting by the gate for me to go back inside, the quail chirping and me working while enjoying every minute.

All that Cypress

I began cleaning up all that cypress, the trees finally dropped all their nettles and they needed to be raked up.

I used them as mulch in the beds and the quail sanctuary.   You have to be careful with cypress because it can be toxic to some plants.

I discovered a hyacinth sprouting and that put the biggest smile on my face.  It was purchased last winter when I was waiting for spring to arrive.  When it was finished I just stuck the bulb in the rose bed and hoped for the best.

I actually forgot about it, thank goodness I decided to party in the garden.

More Work and the Roses Rooted

The blackberries were in desperate need of help as well; what a mess!

Do you remember in September when I was rooting roses?  Those cuttings lost their foliage like I knew they would and for a month they were stems in soil.

Before I realized it all of them were sprouting new greenery.  I didn’t expect such great success, that was another neat surprise.

Later I finished burning and added those ashes to a few raised bed.  Do you use ashes in your garden?

Finally when all this work was completed I sat back for a moment and just smiled, there is still more clean up to go and thankfully I have a few months to accomplish it all before planting season begins.

Celebrating a new year in the garden was a perfect way to bring in 2016.  My Garden party might not have been traditional but it sure was amazing to attend.  Happy New Year Everyone!

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