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It’s that time of year when seed catalogs arrive in the mail, the stores begin filling their garden spaces with seed starting merchandise.  If you’re like me many gardeners begin searching through our own seeds and supplies to begin spring planting indoors.

I’m more of a direct seed planter if you can believe it;  sometimes though I find the smaller seeds do better germinated indoors.

I have big plans this year, if the weather cooperates so this time around I’ll be doing a little of both, direct seed and starting seeds indoors for transplanting.

I seem to always have an abundance of seeds leftover from the last season and then because I also harvest seeds the supply just seems to keep growing.

If you’re a new gardener it’s realistic that you have to begin somewhere so today I’m sharing some of the sources I refer to when necessary.

Starting Seed Supplies

I won’t actually start seeds indoors until February, I use the month of January to make sure I have everything ready.

The items listed can be purchased at any garden store, or you can order online at your favorite garden supply store.  Many of mine came from Home Depot because I seem to be spending a lot of time there lately.

All Natural Organic Seed Starting Mix

You can make your own seed starter mix or you can buy it. The same holds true for seed starter containers.

  • I like the cardboard seed starters or I also use recycled plastic pots.
  • Get a Cookie sheet for the pots to drain their excess water, this is a no mess system that I love.

In the past I’ve used many other recycled items for planting seeds and I’ve also make paper pots here.

Purchasing Seeds

The big question is who do you buy your seeds from?  Many folks opt to purchase online because for years the retail stores were selling questionable options.  Where you purchase is really a personal choice and there is no right or wrong answer.  Do what works best for you!

If you want to learn more about seed varieties read here. 

Cut Flowers, Vegetable and Herbs

All my cut flower seeds from the last couple of years have come from Johnny’s Seeds; last fall I also used some form Seeds of Change

Additional Seed Companies I’ve purchased from that offered positive results are:

Choosing seeds doesn’t need to be a complicated process, now days you can go to almost any retail store and find labeled seed packets so you know what your purchasing.  You can also research those companies online if you want to learn more about their business.

I do recommend starting with Heirloom and Organic seeds.  Actually any non GMO seeds are going to offer the best nutrition value.

Going all natural will also allow you to harvest your own seeds so you can become more of a self reliant gardener.

Visit harvesting zinnia and bean seeds, this was fun!

The most important thing is to get started this year, increase the goodness in your backyard and grow your own garden.

  Get ready for the gardening season with these necessary seeds starting supplies. Sometimes these are things you may already have stop over and learn more#StartingSeeds, #GardenSupplies

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