7 Assorted Mobile Chicken Coops

If you’re thinking about raising chicken my question would be,  “Have you picked out a coop yet?”  I remember when we decided to raise chickens, we were trying to come up with the most natural way to house the birds that would also benefit the land.

This took us straight to mobile chicken coops that we ended up building ourselves.  Now if you don’t have building skills don’t worry because you can shop craigslist because there will always be someone on that resource with a new or used option.

All of our coop frames began with 2 x 4’s  connected into a frame.

I’m not really sure why we implemented so many different designs over the years. Partly could be based on flock size and after awhile we enjoyed changing things up which to expand the learning curve. Then when I started building I couldn’t seem to stop.

Last month I shared why mobile chicken coops work, the bottom line included less cleaning and land benefits.  Most of all it just felt like a better environment for the chickens.

You may disagree and that’s okay but if you’ve ever walked into a chicken coop on a hot summer day you may begin to agree.

First it was the Triangle Coop

The triangle was our very first chicken coop; originally our daughter raised the chickens. The plan was to build several of these but they were too heavy for her to move.
We ended up using this one for baby chicks which worked out fantastic; we referred to it as the chicken nursery. This was also nice to have available if a chicken was sick or if a rooster needed a time out.

Red and White Coop with Long Run

The Red and White Coop was another concept that provided more running space for the chickens.  There were days when we didn’t open free range; this offered room for the chickens to wander.  This worked great and would be perfect for a backyard setting.
But when we expanded our flock it was time for something bigger.

Two Story Red Coop with a Run

This two story coop was later transformed into the brown coop; We used a heavy duty tarp for the roof; I really like that because it made the set up light and easy to move.
Having two stories provided shade during the day and I finally had a chicken run I could walk into when it came time to gather eggs. This was pretty sweet and I really liked this set up.

Brown 2 Story Coop

The brown coop was fun but heavy to move and by this time, year four I was getting tired of chickens and reconsidering even raising them.
This coop provided a living arrangement where the chickens could stay inside or leave to go free range the farm.  They laid eggs above with plenty of room so I didn’t have to hurry up in the morning to let them out.
This coop was good for smaller flocks and offered convenience.

Red Coop with a Run

This Red Coop was my favorite and to this day I regret selling it.  Robert originally built this one and then I came through and modified it by adding a small door to the run so the chickens could come and go during the day.  I couldn’t find that photo so just try and visualize.

The front doors opened to the roosting bars and nesting boxes.  This house would have been better with nesting boxes on the outside of the coop and if I remember correctly the roof lifted up.

I may build something like this again in the future. There’s a lot of potential with this chicken coop it just needs a little more modification.

Small Two Story Coop

I built this small coop at a time when I was really, really tired of raising chickens; they were destroying everything and refused to free range in the pastures.

If I was being completely honest I would say I have a love hate relationship with chickens.

Building plans for this chicken coop took place the first year I starting writing my blog.

I decreased our flock to three hens; they lived and laid eggs in this coop in conjunction with free ranging during the day.  Then one day I decided to change things up again.

The Green Coop

Somewhere in the late spring of 2014 I sold my chickens and the coop, I decided to take a chicken break.

I realized if I was going to continue raising chickens I needed to get serious and focus on a dual purpose breed that benefited homesteading.  This is when I settled on the Buff Orpingtons, I used a coop we already had similar the Green Coop.

This is a neat design; the chickens sleep in here at night and sometimes during the day when it’s really hot they go in for shade.  They lay their eggs in the nesting station nearby.

This one is pretty easy to move and it will house up to 20 chickens so because I was getting back to basics it worked perfectly.

With each coop style we learned what we like and disliked.  This allowed us to move forward, expand our ideas and reach new goals. Out of all these options if I had to pick my favorites it would be the green and red coop with a run.

We did have a few others in the mix but they were all pretty similar to what I’ve shared here.  It’s my hope this assortment of mobile chicken coops will help you design your own mobile chicken coop.

I really recommend before you begin decide on how many chickens you really want to raise and leave some room for a few more because a little additional space is a good thing.

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