Build your own Spring Box

Everything is warming up and the farm is very green right now.  Spring is always an exciting time of year and sometimes it’s fun to create something new to bring some of that wonderful indoors.

With Easter just days away I thought it would be enjoyable to share a quick and easy box build.

This is a neat project that would really dress up the table for Sunday dinner.

Begin with Scrap Wood

I started with scrap wood from cedar fence boards.

My box measures two walls and bottom at 10 in. and two end pieces at 8 in.  You can cut your wood as large or small are preferred.

I added swirl cuts, this design style can be implemented using a scroll or jig saw.   Swirl cuts are marked on the board and then cut on each one.

Start to build this box in Steps

  1. Sand each piece of wood and fit each board around the bottom piece.
  2. If everything looks good go ahead and attach the longest wall to the bottom piece of the box.
  3. You will use three finishing nails and a hammer.
  4.  Repeat by adding the second wall on the opposite side.
  5. If you drill pilot holes first before hammering this will keep the wood from splitting.

The last building step is to add the end walls. Begin from the bottom first and then hammer the ends to the walls.

You may have to hold the long walls straight during the connection to make sure everything is even and the overhang was intentional.

Finish with Stain

I used a natural stain on this box applying with a rag, this was a very light application.

You could also finish with paint; a dry brush effect would look really neat too.

The fun part comes by adding a little spring.  This included a plant of white Alyssum, a ceramic rabbit, paper green grass and my favorite vintage tin eggs.  I love those things!

Hope you take a moment to build this delightful little box; it’s a quick project that you can enjoy year round.

Enjoy Spring and Happy Easter,  I hope you have an uplifting beautiful day.

Build a fun Spring box for easter using a cedar fence board. With a few details you can brighten up easter with this easy project. #EasterBasket, #DIY #SpringBox


  1. Patti says:

    This box is so pretty and I can think of a thousand (ok maybe not that many) ways to use it. I’m always so impressed with your woodworking skills. Another thing you could teach or create videos around which many would find helpful.

    1. Carole says:

      That was a fun project and I’m actually going to incorporate more video in the future. I’ve been practicing because I find I talk too fast which means I need to get more comfortable with it. It’s hard to do everything and find a balance that doesn’t over consume..

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