DIY Cedar Garden Box

DIY Cedar Garden Box

A cedar garden box has a lot of possibilities beginning with simple garden storage, harvesting, a planter or even skip taking it outside and just use in the home.  Needless to say this DIY offers a lot of promise.

This project is really simple and can be built in less than 30 minutes.

We’re building with cedar fence boards, which is my favorite.  I love the smell it reminds me of spring.

Tool and Supply List

The following items can be purchased at any home improvement store; the cedar is from fence boards; feel free to choose another type of wood if you like.  Once your pieces are cut to the proper length sand each one prior to building.  I will also reference pilot holes several times, details here.

  • Electric or hand saw
  • Hammer and drill
  • Sandpaper
  • Carpenter nails – You could also assemble this box with screws.
  • One Cedar Fence Board; cut 4 into 14 in. each and cut 2 into 15 inches each.
  • One 3.5 Cedar Fence Boards; cut 4 into 14 in. each.
  • One 2 x 2 Furring Strip Board; cut into 4 into 9 in. each.

Building the Box

This project is so easy you’ll want to build several so make sure you get enough wood for two. Use the pictures above to compliment the following set of directions.

  1. Begin with two walls.
  2. The 2 x 2’s are your corners so lay them flat on the work space.
  3. Take two 14 in. pieces of both sizes, these are your walls.
  4. Lay the two pieces on top of 2 x 2’s.
  5. Large on the bottom and the thin above that; there will be a gap between the two.
  6. Drill two pilot holes at the end of each piece of wood before hammering the nails in place.
  7. Once you have two walls completed move to phase two.

Phase Two

Now you take the additional 14 in. wall pieces, use them to connect the box and remember to drill pilot holes before hammering and make sure everything is lined up straight.

Connection continues with the same wall pattern as you assemble and complete.

Phase Three

Now we need to close in the bottom of the box.  I left gaps between the boards, if you don’t want gaps then add another board and cut it to fit.

We’re drilling the pilot holes first then hammering the boards in place all around the base of the box. Once finish run a sander over the exterior before adding finishing touches.

DIY Cedar Garden Box

This box is finished with a natural stain that I applied and a few letter stencils using chalk paint and a little chevron ribbon ribbon.  If you’re new to stenciling get my tips here.

This Garden box will be a great addition to your homestead no matter how you decide to use and it would also make a great workshop project!

Build a garden box with DIY instruction then use for harvesting, planting or even storage. So much fun you'll want to build several. #DIY, #GardenBox, #Planter