Make your Own DoDad Box

Create your own DIY Doo Dad Box

Earlier this month at the Texas Home and Garden show I had the opportunity to speak with a sweet lady who attended a couple of my previous workshops.

She was telling me that she duplicated the little box and used them for Christmas gifts.  I thought this was the coolest but the best part was she called her gifts Do Dad Boxes.

I’ve been processing that idea and thought, wait I want a Do Dad box.  So, I made one and today  and I’m sharing the instructions.

Mine sits at the desk and holds my little clutch purse, keys, phone and sunglasses.  These are things I can never seem to find when I’m on my way out the door.

I made my box from scrap wood this means we’re skipping measurements because I want you to make your box according to your Do Dads.

With my box all four sides were the same size and the bottom laid flat underneath the frame.


  • Scrap wood or new
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker or pencil
  • Saw , Drill and hammer
  • Sand Paper
  • Finishing nails

Next Step

  • Measure wood and cut to size.
  • Sand each piece of wood.
  • Add Swirl cuts if desired
If you’re not comfortable cutting curves then please skip this step or have someone do it for you.  It’s also safer to use a scroll saw.

Make sure all the sides fit correctly before moving forward.

My corners were not a perfect match, the swirl cuts were a little off.

I was fine with that because it added a little contrast. The wood I was using wasn’t really the best but didn’t like the idea of wasting it.

Drill Pilot Holes

Always drill pilot holes before hammering, this simple step keeps you from splitting wood and helps your nail go in straight.  Wonder what’s a pilot hole?  Check that out here.
  • Drill four pilot holes on two end pieces of your box.
  • Connect one end at a time.  This is tricky if building alone.
  • Once  you have a box frame flip it over.
  • Now add the bottom using 6 nails.

Run a sander over the box again and then decide if you want to stain, paint or leave natural.  I used a dark walnut stain purchased from the hardware store.  You can purchase paint or stain in small size containers just about anywhere.

What do you think?  I believe everybody needs a little Do Dad Box; my husband will be thrilled.

Robert won’t have to call my cell anymore so I can find it. I hope you enjoy making your own Do Dad Box, we made these at one of our THG workshops and they were a hit.

Make this fun do dad box for storing keys, cell and small accessories that seem to be hard to find when it's time to go. #DIYBox, #StoageBox