Onion Dyed Easter Eggs

For generations children have been coloring Easter eggs in a variety of fashion.  I remember using the Paas color kits where you added vinegar and water then watched the tablet fizzle into a cup of color.

Do you remember those? I’m guessing you do since they still sell that same kit; they now call it the Vintage Egg Decorating Kit.

Easter egg coloring has transpired into a form of artistic talent.  When my kids were little we tried something new and different almost every year.  It was a lot of fun and brings back some neat memories.

Today I’m sharing how my grandma and mom dyed Easter eggs in their day.  This goes back a couple generations and I remember when they introduced this method to me.


Supplies Needed

  • Pan of boiling water
  • Onion skins
  • Eggs – Preferably white
  • White cloth – Cheese cloth is best
  • White sewing string
  • Scissors

Prepping the Eggs

  • Remove the skins from the onions.  You can cover about two or three eggs per one onion.
  • Cut the cloth into a small square, we’ll use this to cover the egg.
  • Wrap the onion skins around the egg and then cover with one piece of cloth.
  • Wrap string around the base of the egg to secure the cloth.
  • Gently place into boiling water using a kitchen utensil.
You’re eggs will be more detailed if you use white eggs as your base.  I used farm eggs because once you have access to them you don’t want anything else.

Boil the Eggs

Let the eggs boil for at least twenty minutes each.  Don’t over crowd the pan and add more water during the process if necessary.

The longer they boil the better the color will transfer.  Then after the eggs are finished boiling carefully remove each one with a cooking utensil onto a plate.

Unwrap the Eggs

Do not unwrap the eggs until they completely cool off to room temperature.  Once cooled about 30 to 45 minutes carefully unwrap each one.

You’ll remove the string first followed by the cloth and onion skins last.  The last step is to let the eggs dry naturally on the plate before storing in the fridge.

I was impressed as a child the first time I saw the transformation.  I thought it was magic.

Many years later I still enjoy making these eggs, it’s a lot of fun because each one is unique and beautiful.  Try these onion dyed eggs, they would look amazing as part of a centerpiece for Easter Sunday dinner.

Experimenting with natural egg dye for spring decorating is always. Get these tips for using onion skins to color easter eggs. #OnionDye, #EasterCrafts, #EasterEggs