THG Dallas Spring Show 2016

Texas Home an Garden Dallas 2016 Spring Show

Welcome to a weekend review of extreme fun with Texas Home and Garden.  It was a busy two days and I was blessed with help from Robert, The Texas Home and Garden team and of course Katie, she’s just awesome!

We got through another great show and we’re getting the idea that you all love these workshops?  Is that true?

This time we built tool boxes which could also be used as planter boxes; I also talked about how to get started gardening.  It was a lot of fun, the tool boxes were a hit once again!

These pictures are from Saturday and Sunday. Robert, my husband was there to help which was great.

He always has more time to chat with everyone and he’s always willing to help and share additional details with others.

We also talked about gardening and how you can increase your homesteading efforts where you live now.  Homesteading is really about doing more for you and enjoying the freedom of goodness that follows.

The Garden Box build giveaway was such a fun build and I’m super glad we added it to Dallas, the winners of this opportunity did a fantastic job.  You’ll be seeing  more “VIP build with Carole” in the future.

I think the pictures kind of speak for themselves.  Everybody leaves these workshops with a little more confidence and always a smile.  I’ll see you all in the fall because I have some neat ideas pondering.

Thank you to everyone who attended, you were all awesome!

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