Countryside Magazine Raising Quail Outdoors

Countryside Magazine Raising Quail outdoors

This spring we’re also sporting another freelance article in Countryside Magazine, and small stock journal.  This magazine has been around since 1973, you can learn more about that here. 

However the magazine is traced back to 1917 under a different name.  It’s weird to me I don’t see the 70’s as a time where many folks were interested in homesteading like they are today.

For this publication the article is focused on raising quail outdoors.

Which sounds pretty common but you might be surprised that many breeders raise quail indoors in cages.

Countryside Magazine Raising Quail outdoors article

Raising quail on the ground offers a level of detail to the experience that is often overlooked by many.  This piece also focuses on the purpose o eggs and meat and raising from chicks.

It’s a great introduction to quail for the homestead or backyard environment.

This magazine can be purchased at any farm and ranch store like Tractor Supply.

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