Establishing Smaller 2 x 4 Raised Beds

Earlier last week I was in the garden getting beds prepped and ready for plants and new seeds.   I started thinking about the future and wondering what our next garden would be like.

I know I want raised beds again and because I enjoy building I also knew we would be using wood. But when I look around my current space I realized our garden is really more than what two people need.   Remind me I said this later on…

Because I have no idea when we’ll be relocating it seemed like a good idea to implement smaller raised beds now to see if I would prefer this concept of a 2 x 4 raised bed.

The Smaller Bed Perks

Whenever I implement a new project I like to make a list to see how it will improve my gardening experience and how it could also help others. So I came up with this list of perks.  These might also be helpful to your own gardening experience.

  • Frames are easy to Build
  • Using 2 x 4’s my favorite
  • Build as high or low as you like
  • Reach across without smashing plants
  • They’re cute
  • Perfect for empty nesters
  • Perfect for beginner gardeners
  • Easy to maintain

Building These Beds

Building is really a breeze and like I mentioned earlier you can build as high or low as you like.  Get Building plans right here.

The bed is attached with two screws at each end; once you begin stacking you insert a piece of rebar in the corners to keep the boards from moving.  This simple rebar step will make replacing rotten boards in the future a breeze.  Eventually wood rots!

These frames are made from 2 x 4’s and cut using those same measurements.  How easy is that!

Filling the beds with dirt began by tilling up some of my vacant space in the garden.  The chickens did an amazing job fertilizing and I was impressed with how fluffy this soil appeared after a couple rounds of tilling.

I was also impressed that our tiller started after sitting for a couple seasons.

You could also fill these beds with purchased soil from a nursery if you don’t have access to additional soil.

If you’re looking to start a garden space similar to this then check out my book Startle Garden.  This system incorporates the 2 x 4 raised bed and it walks you through the entire process.  It also includes a neat checklist so you won’t forget any steps.

When I set up these beds I knew I wouldn’t need to add additional nutrients because the soil smelled amazing. Truly Amazing!

This allowed me to fill right from the ground and picking out the tilled plugs of green along the way.  I finished by covering with landscaping timbers to keep the chickens out.

These ladies are something else and very determined to spend time with me in the garden.  I never imagined six hens could cause so much destruction in such a short period of time.

Normally I wouldn’t mind but when I’m trying to plant seeds and prep beds it can become a bit of a challenge.  This 2 x 4 raised bed is going to be a game changer and I’m excited to see them in full bloom.

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