Live A Great Life Toolbox

Live a Great life Toolbox DIY Instructions

I recently found myself loaded down with tools while walking from the house to the workshop. After dropping the drill and almost crushing my camera I decided it was time to build a toolbox. This led me to the scrap wood pile where I found just what I needed.  I’ve been busy finishing house projects and cleaning up unnecessary farm activity so the wood supply seems endless.

During the process my thoughts wondered and I stopped for a moment reflecting; I have a great life! Have you had a similar experience where you just smile because life feels good?

My life definitely isn’t perfect but over all pretty amazing.  The freedom to do what I love as I grow this blog is really something wonderful.

After finding my wood I started building this toolbox with a combination of pine and cedar.  When I finished it was quickly filled and for about a week we traveled together from one project to another appearing unfinished.

This would probably include me too because who wears make-up on the farm? This is when I decided to dress up the wood.

You know some ladies like fancy purses; well I like the idea of a fancy toolbox.  Let’s walk through the finishing touches of the “Live a Great Life” Toolbox.

There was no shopping list, everything was either used from leftovers or recycled materials.

I started with some tester paint that was sitting on the shelf; I’m trying to clean up the extra around here.  It was a weird shade of green but it seemed to work.  I let it dry over night; this gave me some time to ponder what would come next.

The following day arrived and I grabbed some leftover ribbon.  I love this chevron burlap it’s so easy to incorporate.

I applied the ribbon using my favorite staple gun technique.  Use a heavy duty staple gun, bunch up the ribbon and staple in place so it scrunches perfectly.  Try this technique you will love it.

The next thing was to add metal; this offers a little personal touch.  Remember the Christmas Challenge where I incorporated a candle lid?  Well here goes another one.  I simply applied this silver lid with a screw; use a drill it goes faster.

The rest of the metal pieces are washers in different sizes.  I found these in the shed and attached using screws.

At this point of the project I was feeling pretty creative and decided to keep going.

Finally words were necessary; I wanted something to remind me to think positive.  This is where “Live a Great Life” transpired.

I do try to achieve this message on a daily basis and since this toolbox will be my companion it will become a reminder for those days when I’m not feeling very positive. I’m human and believe me I have bad days just like everybody else.

This part was pretty simple; I painted leftover wood pieces with chalk paint. First I did a coat of brown and then covered that with black.  I love this paint it dries quickly.

After the wood pieces were dry then I stenciled the words using letter stencils.  I got a little clever here and stretched this statement onto both sides. After the lettering was dry I used heavy duty glue and attached them to my toolbox one at a time.

My favorite part of this toolbox is where I added a slot for my phone.  This was a good idea because you never know when someone may call; I seem to always miss calls and text messages.

I rarely carry my phone with me it goes from the doodad box to the toolbox now.  At least I can find it which is a positive thing.

There you go a fancy toolbox big enough to carry a drill and lots of extras.  What do you think?  Let’s see if it helps remind me to “Live a Great Life!”


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