Treat Bird Wounds with Tea Tree Oil

There are times on our farm when bad things happen.  The birds get hurt through careless actions of their own and dealing with those wounds isn’t always easy.
These injuries don’t happen often but when they do we drop everything to deal with the situation.

Back in 2005, way before the farm I was introduced to my first essential oil, Tea Tree also known as Melaleuca oil.  This oil comes from the Melaleuca plant that grows in Australia.  It’s basically a small shrub that reaches about three feet high.

At the time I was in the beginning stages of going all natural in our home to improve our health. When I discovered this oil everything changed and I found traditional over the counter products were no longer taking residence in our medicine cabinet.

Tea Tree is fantastic and the minute applied the soothing and healing process begins.

It’s truly the most wonderful essential oil I’ve ever used and use it for so many things.

Tea Tree on the Farm

When we moved to the farm we rescued an injured emu we later named Chaka.  He had wounds on his neck, the side of his body and legs. I felt so bad for him and decided to begin treating his cuts with the oil.

They were surface wounds so I applied the oil directly to the skin with a cotton ball.  He was already stressed; and the oil helped calm his pain so the healing process could begin.

His cuts were on the mend in a week and he was a lot happier.

This experience made me realize I could use this oil on the farm more often.  This included the sheep, chickens and the quail. I’ve even used it on our dogs.

I only apply Tea Tree oil externally because I’ve read it can be toxic to some birds.

How to Apply with Spray

Surface wounds that can be difficult to treat so I like to spray on the oil, this includes the following steps.

  • Small spray bottle
  • Fill it with water
  • Add 5-6  drops of Tea Tree Oil and shake

Clean the cut with a warm damp cotton cloth and once the wound is clean spray tea tree oil directly to the area.

If bleeding doesn’t stop right away cover the wound with a gauze pad and secure with an ace wrap. Once the bleeding ends remove bandages and continue treating with the Tea Tree Oil spray.

How often you apply will depend on the severity of the wound.  I normally begin with three times a day, and decrease as it heals.

Tea Tree First Aid Cream

Sometimes other birds will peck at an injured animal so you may have to remove them for the first 24 hours of healing.

This first aid cream will also help with pecking birds and it works great on smaller birds like quail.  It’s easy to make using 1 T. coconut oil and 5-6 drops of Tea Tree oil, then stir and apply where needed.

Remember to always clean the surface of the wound first before applying treatment.

Also note, I’m no Doctor so treating animal wounds at home is a personal choice. You have to decide what would be best in your circumstances.

Using Tea Tree Oil is simply what I do and the results have been positive.  I get asked all the time where do I get my Tea Tree oil and I shop direct online through a company named Melaleuca.

You can also purchase this oil through additional essential companies or at any health food store but if you want to the good stuff go with Mela. I use this oil on my own wounds and it’s simply amazing!

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Have you ever use tea tree to help a chicken with bumble foot?

    1. Carole says:

      Great question never had a chicken with bumble foot. So if you were to try make sure to use a carrier oil if anything it would release some pain.

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