Is Red Salvia in your Garden?

A garden without flowers is a space without vibrant color.  Where I enjoy growing fruit and vegetables, flowers are also a must.

This red salvia started out as two plants in six inch containers.  I originally had these growing in the rose bed but one of those bushes was taking over and it was time for a new idea.

Salvia needs room to grow so I’m not sure what I was thinking when I placed it next to that rose bush.

Preferably you want to plant with 10 – 12 inches of space in fresh composted soil.

Last fall I went and transplanted these pretties by removing them from the ground landing them in lady bug tires my daughter made years back when establishing our farm.

The plants were small at the time and after just a couple months they exploded with new growth.  Every time I walked through the garden I’m amazed at the transformation.

Salvia loves sunlight and does extremely well in hot climates here in the south.  Further north this plant may need to be protected to survive through the winters.

There are many varieties of Salvia the list is very grand; this one is the Red Autumn Sage but I’ve also seen it labeled Salvia Red Tail.  It’s my favorite because it’s more free form and the flowers are delicate.

This is an easy to grow perennial, if you’re looking for a colorful addition this is one to add. Remember it grows like a shrub so make sure it has plenty of room to stretch.

Clipping retired blooms is recommended to ensure ongoing blooms and additional green.  This little bit of effort keeps the garden filled with vibrant color.

Another wonderful thing is salvia welcomes the butterflies.  Have you ever just sat in your garden and watched the good bug activity?  Well I do this because two of my favorites are the butterflies and honey bees.

Something else that may interest you is salvia is deer resistant. This is helpful if you have active visitors in your space.

Even better if you have free ranging chickens they won’t mess with it, now that really makes me smile.

Fertilizer is also important, especially during blooming season. I feed Llama tea 3 times a year, fall, spring and summer.

Natural fertilizers can also be purchased at your local nursery.


Remember Red Salvia Long Tail is an easy to grow beauty and something you may want to add in your garden.

I love easy to care for plants and this one just seems to fit perfectly in those lady bug tire planters.

Get planting tips for growing salvia red tail. This beauty is easy to grow and offers deer resistant access to your garden. #Salvia, #GardenTips, #GrowingFlowers

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