Potting Shed Garden Sign

 This Potting Shed sign has been sitting on my work bench for weeks waiting to be finished.

Finally the urge hit and before I knew it there was another sign ready for the garden collection. Let’s take a look at how this piece came about.

I started with scrap wood that was cut to odd sizes, and then painted the base board with a little Fusion, Upper Canada Green.  I just rubbed this in with a rag on both sides and it was dry in a matter of minutes.

The next thing I did was use the Potting Shed Stencil from Old Sign Stencils.

These are the BEST! I just love working with them, now if I could just remember to wash them after each use.

I thought this sign needed some hardware to calm down the top and bottom borders.

First I pulled pieces from the junk box, this included old screws and some of this stuff I have no idea what it was for.  Washer and bolts came in handy and before I knew it things were coming together.

The ribbon went on with outdoor craft glue and then I added the hardware.

I love detail, it’s how I see the world so when I get ready to create something I can’t help but place those details into a project.

This washer, screw and bolt is a good example.  I was trying to figure out how to add a hanging gadget and the combination of the three created a unique solution.

This sign can hang anywhere in a garden shed and it’s perfect for adding your everyday shovel, scissors and string that can be handy.

I gotta say I love the colors and that Fork York Red fits in perfectly with our little farm.  To say I had fun here would be an understatement.