Stenciled Garden Box Made From Scrap wood

I was invited to join a product launch for Funky Junk Interiors and because it was garden related I jumped to the opportunity.

This took me straight to the scrap wood pile where I found an assortment of already stained and natural wood.  The plan was to build something to store garden tools.

These boards were already stained gray and needed a little sanding and then it was time to add stencil details.

This project is unique, due to the size of the stencils I had to build and then stencil between steps.  At one moment walls were being connected and in the other moment I was stenciling.

Definitely a one of a kind project.

Building The Box

Building the box included 2 x 4 walls to establish height, cedar fencing boards cut to size for the width, and the inside cross bar to keep tools in place.

With a project like this you can modify the box size and build to any size measurements.  Just remember I used 2 x 4’s for the frame.

The already stained pine boards made the back wall and front door.  These two pieces of wood added perfection for finishing and sharing that final garden message.

The box was assembled with screws and the welcome board was connected from the back with screws.

Once the inside of the box was stenciled and in place it was time to stencil the door.

I used parts of the stencils and had fun with this fusion paint. I was wondering what all the fuss was about with this paint and then I tried it.

Holy cow it was amazing and so easy to work with.  To say I’m hooked would be an understatement. Look for more projects in the coming weeks with these neat colors.

I taped over parts of the branch because I was hoping for more of a stem look. That Fork York Red was  brighter than anticipated so I toned it down by adding white.

Donna’s stencils are fantastic and she adds measuring elements so the words and artwork is easy to line up.

The prairie sunset was another neat color, kind of like a vary pale yellow.  I dry brushed this on the front of the roof and the swirl that lies over the door handle.

For months I’ve been trying to find something to do with this vintage glass door handle and finally discovered a use in this project. The door is added with hinges and a little magnet is attached inside to keep from flying open.


This garden box was intended for garden tools but you could also use it for seed storage, garden notes and those hard to find supplies you always need when you’re in the garden, like string for attaching tomatoes to a trellis.

I’m hoping for a little garden shed at our next home where I’ll attach this cute box right outside the front door.


Thank you for stopping by and hope I’ve inspired you to make your own garden box.  But before you move on take a look at the links before with additional projects made from this same stencil.
Stenciled Garden Box made from scrap wood to store garden tools near the garden. #GardenBox, #DIYGarden

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