DIY Bench Makeover

Bench Makeover Project

Sometimes you have to stop the daily grind and take a moment to spruce up a piece of outdoor furniture.  That’s just what I did last week and it only took a few minutes.

The day started early to beat the heat, it’s been hot! After morning chores I grabbed this old bench and decided it was time to give it new life.

Robert made this several years ago from leftover wood.  It’s simply priceless and also one of his first projects he made before we dived into this thing we call farm life.

It was looking a little sad and I wasn’t sure if I should pass it along or revive it.

Then I remembered my gray box, a fun project I made last year and decided together they would both look pretty near the front door.

So I went ahead and chose gray stain because we can agree this bench needed help.

I applied gray stain using a brush, stroking towards the grain of the wood. The wood soaked up the stain and in maybe 20 minutes I was done.

Later in the evening I went to take a peak and was pleased to see it was dry appearing like a new piece of outdoor furniture.

The bench was brought back to the front of the house and placed near the front door.  This is where I can sit while I slip on my green country girl boots in the morning before chores.

I’ll have to show y’all my boots sometime they’re so fun and comfy!

Sprucing up the front door area has been a lot of fun and it’s definitely a space where I hope others will feel welcome.

If you’re looking to spruce up some of your own outdoor wooden furniture think about using a little weathered gray stain.  This was the perfect color choice for this bench makeover.

 DIY Bench Makeover project is easy to duplicate

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