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This year I have a very bountiful crop of basil.  So much that I’m overwhelmed when I visit the garden for just a snip of this and that.

I didn’t plant basil this year, so how did this happen?

Last year I had two wonderful plants that I let go to seed.  I shared here how to dry and harvest basil seeds.  Sometimes when you let a plant go a few seeds fall into the soil prior to picking.

That’s what happened here, seeds reseeded themselves from last years planting.

When the last freeze finally left I started seeing little specks of green popping through the soil. First it was two, then 6 and before I knew it I was counting in double digits.

I knew my herb bed couldn’t handle this many plants so I decided to transplant one by one.

Twelve plants were relocated into an 8 x 8 raised bed where I planted Chinese Noodle beans.   This still left me with about 8 more in my herb bed and I noticed the other day more are sprouting.

They started as just little bursts of wonderful and grew into these amazing bushes of healthy goodness.  Why are these plants so healthy?

Let me share the key element to my gardening madness; I implement a very natural ingredients to the soil.

One of the worst things we can do as gardeners is believe we’re in control of the process.   Keeping things simple and implementing techniques that benefit the land will almost always bring forward a positive gardening experience.

Not perfect but positive because gardening has never been about having a perfect journey.  Gardening was also never intended to be easy but there are things you can do to make it less difficult.

I want to invite you to view our magazine article on How to Grow Annual herbs here. 

Here you will find a variety of topics on gardening and homesteading that you can print and place in your own library.

No matter how many years you’ve been gardening we’re always learning, this is the beauty of growing. It’s one of those activities where the learning never ends.

Growing this bountiful crop of basil taught me that gardening is a journey of growing goodness.

Beginning this week I’ll begin harvesting quite a bit of this basil so I can dry most of it and share later for gift giving. Do you do that with some of your herbs?  I find that others really enjoy things they can use.

Healthy Soil is the key to this bountiful crop and I sometimes letting the plant sprinkle it’s seeds will surprise you in the spring.

Let your garden inspire and teach you.
Gardening is a journey and this amazing basil took me down a path of good that inspired many blessings. #Gardening, #Basil, #Gardeninspiration

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