How to Plan a Flower Shop Garden

How to Plan a Floral Garden

How do you plan a flower shop garden?  It’s a great question isn’t it?  Well it’s really not that difficult, we begin with a good seed source, space and great soil.

These three things will help you optimize your very own flower shop experience in your backyard.  Flowers will surprise you and most will grow with little effort in good soil.

A great example would be the sunflower and they come in a variety of options.

How to Plan a Floral Garden

Purchasing Seeds

Purchasing seeds is a matter of finding a company you like and sticking with them.  For my cut flowers I use Johnny’s Seeds because they’ve never let me down.

They also have a really nice variety and I have the best time making my selections.  When shopping, browse their website and make a floral dream list, don’t stash it too far away because if you have a long growing season you can still plant some flowers now for fall.

Some varieties will offer a stem choice of short or long.  Always choose the long because they will be perfect for vase arrangements.

Finding Space

Now that you have a dream list let’s find a space to grow.  If you already have existing perennial beds with lots of open space this would be a good place to add seeds.

Before you do this make sure you’re planting in the appropriate conditions for that flower; this information can be found on the seed package.

If you’re beginning a space from scratch then make a plan to optimize success with hours of daylight and shade.

I mentioned in Grow a Flower Shop that I raised flowers one year for market.  These flowers were planted in field rows; it was beautiful.

I had the best time walking between the aisles of color, however this was difficult to maintain due to our heat and lack of rain.  Watering became expensive which took away from my profit margin.

Looking back I know long raised beds would have been a better option to maintain moist soil.  If you live further north you can pretty much pick and choose your planting space arrangement.

If raised beds are what you want to incorporate these building plans will be helpful.  You can also stack landscaping timbers for raised beds if building isn’t an option.

Establishing Great Soil

Great soil doesn’t happen overnight unless you purchase it that way.

As soon as you sow the seed and the plants grow nutrients are being lifted from the soil.  It’s the gardener’s responsibility to return nutrients so you can have an amazing flower shop season after season.

The following three links will be helpful for adding nutrients back to the soil.

Great soil is a process and the reality is you can’t rush it but from one gardener to another caring for the soil is probably my favorite activity of gardening because you can visually see the results.

We’ve covered three basic steps to get your flower garden plan moving forward.  Do you remember what they are?
  • Flower Seeds – From Johnny’s
  • Discovering Your Planting Space –
  • Establishing Great Soil

Plan your fresh cut flower garden so you can enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers like I have had sitting on my table all weekend.

This colorful arrangement was just a pop of beautiful that made me smile from early morning to late in the evening.

Grow and Plan your own flower shop you’ll be glad you did.  You may also enjoy Grow a Flower Shop!

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