Gardening with Lavender

Gardening with Lavender is a beautiful addition

For years I’ve wanted to grow lavender, but for some reason I kept putting it off until now.  I came across a 4 inch plant earlier in the spring and decided there was no time like the present.
I snatched it up and in a matter of a couple months it’s already tripled in size.  It’s my hope this beauty will turn into many future plants.

Don’t you just love how a small purchase can expand into something grand?  I have big plans!

Lavender loves direct sunlight so I made sure to plant in the center of the herb bed.  I also decided to plant in a container, this way it can move with us.

Lavender needs to be watered deep but not often.  You can let the soil go dry between watering; this is actually healthy for the plant.  But when I say go dry I don’t mean for months on end.

I water twice a week and then fertilize with llama tea every three months.

Gardening with Lavender is a beautiful addition


Lavender has been a wonderful addition, I love the scent and look forward to harvesting next year. The focus for now is to let this plant grow and then divide and transplant in the late fall because temperatures here don’t normally drop until around mid October.

Transplanting will be a breeze since it’s in a container; you want to leave as much dirt surrounding the root base to keep from stressing the plant.


Adding Lavender has given me some ideas for the future, I’m envisioning a large selection to use in a flower shop garden.  The delicate wisp will look neat with smaller flowers.

If you use Lavender oil it can work as an antiseptic and anti inflammatory.  It’s wonderful on fire ant bites and perfect for minor cuts as it helps to a stop to bleeding. I like to add a couple of drops lavender oil on my pillow as it can help relax for a restful sleep.

Gardening with lavender and incorporating it into our lives is a beautiful thing. It offers this sense of warmth and fragrance that makes me smile.

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