Reclaimed Wood Raised Bed

Reclaimed Wood Raised Bed offers dimension to the garden

My favorite crop this year was the Chinese noodle bean.  I was so excited about this discovery and planned to keep my plants growing through fall.

When the sky darkened one July afternoon, heavy winds followed and before I knew it rain was falling in gallons.  For about an hour I watched branches fly and transform our place into a mess.

When the rain moved on I went to the garden to find the beans and structure completely destroyed. There was a hole in the garden; at that moment it seemed easier to turn around and keep walking.

So that’s what I did.

This led me to the far pasture where I began picking up broken branches thinking about that hole in the garden.

Would I just leave this space empty or replace it with something new?  There was no solution to this loss until the following day when inspiration hit.

The vision included a new sitting space and a tall raised bed made from reclaimed wood.

Everything was near the workshop, including the reclaimed wood, so I quickly grabbed my tools and started building without a plan.

It seemed I was building out of necessity and because I wanted a taller raised bed it made sense  Taller raised beds decrease pressure on the back which is a blessing during the gardening season.

The trellis was made from fence boards that I cut in smaller widths.  this was drilled to the inside of the bed before I hauled the entire project to the garden.

The bed was placed so it went back to back with our sitting bench; this incorporated a new sitting space and a place to grow.

There was no longer a hole in the garden which was a bonus and minutes later I began filling this tall bed with natural materials. 

It did take a lot of material to fill but once it was set and the seeds were planted it was worth it.

The bed was finished and six bean seeds went in the soil and in just a couple days they sprouted. Germination was amazing which must have been because the soil was nice and moist.  Within weeks we had lush green plants trailing up and over the sides of the bed.

A garden sign was added for encouragement and everything else stayed natural.

What I thought was a disaster turned into a new space.  Never let the weather destroy your dreams, keep moving forward and create a space where inspiration grows.

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  1. Kim critzer says:

    Love how you turned a bad in to a good. Also thought the spot to sit was a great touch. You are so quick to build and do creative projects. Where do you get all your energy? Kim

    1. Carole says:

      I love lemonade.. LOL I Moving forward with gusto is just kind of who I am, it energizes me and I just love doing more. Was encouraged from a young age and has continued to follow me through the years. Exercise really helped too – I take 2 miles walks with the dog 2 -3 times a week and the other days I do my Just Walk videos for 30 minutes with Leslie Sansone. This helped me so increase my energy level big time.

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