Fall Jar Challenge

When I think of fall a few things comes to mind, texture, color and warmer temperatures. It’s still pretty warm here so with this challenge I decided to focus on texture and color.

This season Patti from Hearth and Vine organized our challenge and she did amazing!  If you haven’t visited her blog it’s a must; she’s always coming up with super neat projects and offers some amazing recipes for tasty food.

This challenge stumped me in that I had so many ideas it was hard to choose just one.
For weeks these jars sat at the kitchen bar waiting for my attention.  One idea sparked another and finally after our recent surprise in the quail sanctuary I decided it was best to incorporate natural beauty from our farm.

Our jars came from the Jar Store – If you’re looking to duplicate this project or in need of jars for your own projects this is the place.

They have about every kind of jar possible; I was impressed with their selection and believe this will be a great online option because in store shopping just isn’t what it use to be.

What’s a project without a little wood?  I was in the workshop and spotted this cedar, the scent is like heaven so I grabbed a few boards because dimension was necessary.

Each piece was a different size and stacking to create a base was my best option. I didn’t even sand the boards; I just wanted the cedar to appear in a natural state.

A couple times of year we process our own quail.  I’ve been saving the wings because I want to make a quail wreath for our next home.  I grabbed my wing container and headed back to the house.

  • Attaching two wings with hot glue went opposite of each other.
  • With pressure these wings will peel right off which is good because it allows me to reuse the wings and jars in other projects.

Preserving bird wings from small birds like quail is a breeze because after they’re removed from the birds they air dry for 3 to 4 weeks, then store in a plastic container.

The goals was to add natural materials so I went outside to pick up pine needles.

Let’s just say I hope this is the last season I have to clean up pine needles. As much as I don’t enjoy raking up pine needles I do like their texture so I decided they would look neat in the other two jars.

I added a few pumpkin gourds and covered with the lid.  These lids are not a perfect seal; they sit pretty loose so moisture can escape.


Fresh fall colored zinnias were added from the garden in the middle jar with the quail feathers.

This was a lot of fun; I continued adding flowers until it was a tight mound.  I normally prefer flower arrangements loose and airy but I was thinking all that color complimented in close contact.

Displayed on my grandmother’s table this arrangement of fall texture was complete after adding a few more quail wings and another small pumpkin gourd.

I was curious what it would look like on the picnic table so outdoors it went.  Both were nice but it ended up back indoors.

Creating for fall doesn’t have to be expensive, look around outside and see what you can incorporate because texture and color is all around us.

Be sure to click the links below to see what everybody created for this Fall Blogger Challenge.  It was a lot of fun and this is one talented group of ladies.



Natural Fall Centerpiece using elements growing in the garden and harvested on the homestead. The jars and cedar pulled it all together. #FallCenterpiece, #JarCenterpiece, #FallDecor

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  1. Patti Estep says:

    Hi Carole,
    Well, they say great minds think alike. 🙂 Looks like we have similar ideas but your is so ornate and looks beautiful. Thanks for getting us all together. This is a great group of gals, so easy to work with.

    1. I agree Great Minds!! We’re about ready to put this table and chair set in storage for our son and decided one more dress up was necessary. Can believe it either I’ve been eating from this table since I was a little girl. This downsizing is a little emotional.

  2. Joyce Olson says:

    Good Morning Carole,
    I was so looking forward to seeing what you would create and I love how you have used pine needles and quail wings, along with pumpkins and of course Fall flowers! Gorgeous!
    Thank you for bringing this blogging group together, I just love a good challenge!
    Settling back in the routine of life again-I’ll be sending you an email later on in the day too.

    1. Good Morning Jemma!! Welcome back to hot and humidity I’m still waiting for that cold front. LOL – Glad you enjoy these seasonal challenges it’s nice to have you with us, this is a great group of gals. I’ve been working on a routine as well and I’m thinking I may have to go back to a list to keep me on track.

  3. Momcrieff says:

    I love how beautifully colorful your dining table display it! It’s so cheerful and bright. I’ve never seen anything decorated with quail wings. Always appreciate seeing something original!

    1. Hey Susan – I think I needed cheerful and bright the day I put this together. Our house tends to feel a little dark at times and with the heat lets just say I’ve been spending way to much time indoors.

  4. Cecilia Bramhall says:

    Love your jars, Carole! The quail wings really add that special touch and your zinnias! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I love those quail wings – hope to make a wreath with them when we eventually get settled. I need twice as many as I already have so I guess another harvest is in order. Have a Great day!

  5. BonBon says:

    So pretty. I love the idea of using items you have on the farm. Very creative.

    1. Thanks BonBon – hope you have a fantastic week!!

  6. Stacy Risenmay says:

    What a clever idea for a blog hop! Zinnias are my favorite and those are stunning 🙂

    1. Hey Stacy – you made it over here!! I love zinnias too they’re so unique and you can’t beat the amazing colors they offer. Hey you know what – we have an opening if you’d like to join our seasonal challenge.

  7. Karen King says:

    You never stop amazing me with your creativity and sense of unique style with each of our challenges! I LOVE what you have done with your jars. The added cedar is fantastic and adds such a nice dimension of differing heights. And zinnias – they always make me feel warm and remind me of slow, gentle late summers and early falls (which aren’t so slow and gentle anymore).
    It was such a pleasure to work with you again – as always!

    1. Hey Karen – Thank you so much for your kind words. I really believe my lifestyle inspires me or it’s just the way I see the world. I don’t know it’s a blessing from God for sure. Love working with you too and I’m thinking we need to do an upcycle challenge together sometime in the future. Put your brain on that one, you know sometime when things slow down. No pressure – just think about it.

  8. Botanic Bleu says:

    Your fall colored zinnias are beautiful.Thank you for sharing your jar challenge at Monday Social.


  9. nature gurl says:

    Great job. It looks very festive!

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