Our New Land

The new land is finally ours and words like “Wow and is this really happening?” have been repeated daily.

These pictures are from July shortly after we made the offer.  This 28 acre piece of heaven was covered in a soy crop; after we closed Tuesday we drove out and to our surprise the crop was harvested.

This was great news because we can officially begin cleaning up where we plan to live.

Before I dive into the wonders of this new place let’s go for a little drive.

Originally we found this track of land online, it was July 4th weekend. Images included deer with the mention of a neighboring wildlife preserve.

The pictures were not fantastic so I said to Robert, “it’s not a long drive let’s go find it.”  to be honest it wasn’t the best weather for a land hunt; picture a journey where you could watch the heat lift from the ground.

We drove down this long gravel road and came across a lake.  Extreme beauty and I said to Robert, this is it.

This was just on the drive not the actual land but I could feel we were on the right track of something wonderful.

We kept driving and the water continued, this is where cranes love to come and relax.

This drive alone is breath taking and one that makes me smile. I remember Robert saying, “Look at that, there’s your water.

I Love the water….

We ended up driving right past the land and stopping at other pieces trying to figure out if we were at the right place.  All we had to go by was a deer blind.

I gave up on the walking and waited in the car while Robert’s determination continued to seek if this was the right place. This gave me time to think while he kept walking.

The idea of ending our land hunt wasn’t an option so we ended up backtracking and there it was.  The for sale sign was hidden in the weeds.

We pulled into this somewhat of an entrance that eventually be leveled and filled with gravel for a driveway.

To the left is an area where brush covers a unique space.  As we walked through my first thoughts included our sheep, they’re going to love this area once we get it cleaned out.

That thought led me to thinking of snakes and wild hogs.

To say this journey will be interesting is an understatement, we’re ready and this leads me to our Dog, Dixie.  She is going to be in paradise living here.

Our much older dog Lucky will be a bit overwhelmed but I can imagine she’ll be just as excited.


Tuesday we walked this entire field and without a crop, it’s Huge!!  We checked out the deer blind which is in the far distance; with a few minor repairs that building will be back in business.

Enduring on a new adventure is exciting; can you picture what we’re going to do with all this land?  We’re transforming our lifestyle and turning this paradise into a Tiny Home Community.

Envision this space turned into 1 acre homesteads where each one includes a Tiny House, this is about getting folks back to the land.

I can only guess after a few more days of ownership reality will set in and we’ll be ready to begin moving forward.

Hope you enjoyed our new land tour.