Grow Healthy Rosemary

Growing healthy rosemary has been a journey; after several attempts it appears this plant has been established without any difficulties.

For three seasons of spring I’ve purchased a 4 inch rosemary plant only to watch it wither away.  I couldn’t figure out what the problem was and I was getting frustrated because I love rosemary.

Last fall I decided to plant again, this time in the corner of the raised bed where I grow my other herbs.

This plant is doing fantastic, the bad news I planted it to close to the edge of my bed.

The lesson here is never plant in a hurry.  When I transplanted this little thing in the fall I really didn’t expect it to make it due to previous experience.  I quickly got it in the ground and moved on to my other tasks.

A Good Rosemary Environment

Rosemary thrives in full sun and it’s recommended to set plants out in the spring.  In the south and zone 8 you have some flexibility and can also plant in the fall.  Our temperatures are mild this time of year and evenings are cooler which is great weather for new transplants.

In my opinion rosemary is better to get started down south in the fall.  It’s also important to remember that rosemary is a slow grower, loves full sun and light but can also tolerate a little shade.

Rosemary also requires well drained soil, a sandy mixture would be best.

This plant likes to be kind of dry so I think that’s where I ran into problems, it was simply getting over watered from my other plants.

This means rosemary would do great in containers or off the side similar to how I planted here last fall.

Now that I have this healthy plant, let’s talk a little about the benefits of rosemary.  The scent to me is wonderful and it’s tasty in a good Italian based stew sauce.

I remember many times visiting my grandma’s huge rosemary plant to cut springs for homemade sauce.  I loved doing that!

Rosemary offers health benefits, they include:

  • Memory booster
  • Mood booster – good for clearing the mind and improving a mood
  • Superb for building up the immune system
  • A Good Antibacterial
  • Stomach soother
  • Fresh Breath
  • Anti age treatment for the skin
  • Produces production of red blood cells

That is a list of amazing benefits don’t you think?

My favorite way to incorporate rosemary is through food and this would even include green salads. Sometimes I also like to boil in water on the stove to clear the air.

Applying rosemary through the use of an essential oil is also a good way to receive some of those health benefits.

Anyone can grow healthy rosemary and if you haven’t added it to your garden it might be one worth picking up next time you’re at the nursery.

Include Easy Propagation

Expanding rosemary through propagation is a breeze.  It’s a matter of cutting fresh stems from a healthy plant, trimming the bottom part of the stem and placing that stem in a glass of water.

Once the stem roots, plant in healthy fertilized soil and water when the soil feels dry.

If you haven’t started an herb bed yet think about adding just a few because growing healthy rosemary and a few others will benefit your lifestyle.

Rosemary can be tricky to grow. These tips make a difference and the added health benefits of this herb is another perk. #Rosemary, #GardenTips, #Herbs