How to Build Outdoor Gates

How to Build outdoor Gates

A couple years ago I shared a very basic  fence project.  This design was a blessing and turned the garden into this perfect quiet zone.

That fence was based off my husbands farm gates we used here. They’re super handy and I learned how to build them.

The supply list is very basic and everything can be purchased at any home improvement store.  I recommend using a chop saw because it so much easier with all those sharp cuts.

Supplies for 8 Foot Gate

  • Five 2 x 4’s
  • 8 . 5  ft. Welded or chicken wire ( we use leftover pieces from farm fencing projects)
  • Deckmate Screws (Home Depot)
  • Air Compressed Staple gun or Nail Staples
  • Stain or Paint to finish + Brush

Building tools will include a saw, drill and air compressor if you use a staple gun.  Otherwise a hammer and wire cutters is all you need to complete this project.

Note: If you want a smaller or larger gate, adjust your supplies to the instructions.

Organize and cut your Wood

  1. Lay down two 8 ft boards, these are the length of your gate.
  2. Let’s make this gate 3 ft tall and use two boards for those cuts.
  3. When this is complete lay them between the ends and in the center.
  4. Cut simple angles by drawing a slant prior to cutting.  Corner pieces can be as long or short as you want.
  5. You’re cutting a total of 8 corner boards at a slant going in the same direction on each end.
  6. Line things up as you go to make sure everything fits correctly.

Connect the Gate

Once all the cuts are made begin to lay them over the frame and connect using screws.  I used two screws on each end because our farm gates get a workout.

Once the gate is connected you’ll notice those corner pieces are holding everything together.

If you plan to paint or stain now is the time to do it because after the wire is added it takes forever to complete.  I was in a hurry so I skipped that step, I’ll regret this later.

Flip and Measure Wire

When you live on a farm, there’s always leftover something, especially with fencing so we use those small wire pieces for gates, works like a charm.

You could also use chicken wire or smaller strips of wood depending on your plans. Get creative and make it your own.

Adding the Wire

Once the wire is measured wait to clip from the roll until you connect one end first. We add wire using staples using an air compressed staple gun. Or keep it simple and just use staple nails and hammer as you go around the frame.

Remember you’re adding the wire to the flat side and stretch it tight so your gate looks nice and professional upon completion.

Smaller Gates

If you’re thinking about making a smaller gate this same design can be modified by skipping the middle section and connect the gate at the corners.

These connections are just as strong and assembly is the same as if you were building an 8 ft gate.

How to Build outdoor Gates

We’ve used these gates on the interior of our existing farm everywhere and we’ll be making more for the next property because they work great and you can customize them to your liking.

Now I want you to do something, take a closer look at that gate and tell me if you notice anything about it?

The design is suppose to represent a “W”as in West.  That was Robert’s idea he’s always adding details to make me smile.


Build your own gates using 2 x 4 boards for the homestead. This DIY is an easy build#HomesteadGates, #DIYGates


  1. Cecilia says:

    Ha, I see the “w”. That’s great. Wonderful tutorial on making a nice gate. Filing this one away for future reference! Happy New Year, Carole!

    1. Carole says:

      Pretty neat isn’t it – took me awhile when he did this 7 years ago. The kids saw it before I did and then I just smiled. He’s always thinking outside the box. What I love most about this project is it helps use up all those small pieces of fence wire. I’ll have to share an installation post later, it’s pretty basic add super duper hinges and connect to a heavy duty corner piece. Happy New year to you too! Hope we get a chance to see each other in 2017.

  2. Patti says:

    I’m amazed at the things you make plus you make it seem like anyone can do it!

    1. Carole says:

      You know you just really need that desire and a good teacher and then anyone can do it. My husband helped me learn how to use power tools and for me the biggest hurdle was fear. Once we move I’m going to share video to help others because it’s my hope I can share my tips in away that others can see anyone really can do it. Hugs Patti – I’ll have you building before you know it!!

  3. Carla from Kansas says:

    I would love to see the fence line. These look really great. I have a chain link fence around my backyard and one side is in bad shape. If I had someone set the posts I could make a fence like this to replace it. Thanks Carol!

    1. Carole says:

      You’re welcome Carla – I linked that fence line post up top. But here you go to make it easier.

      Both are great projects and really simple to assemble and install. Find some young kid who needs to discover a good work ethic to dig those holes for the posts. Glad you found this helpful.

  4. Karen says:

    I’m with Patti. It never stops amazing me what you can do!
    Tony has built similar gates when we had land and animals. And with all these boys, he had plenty of help, so I’ve never really learned how to do any of it myself. I did get the hang of his chop saw though, and have found it very handy for a few of my projects.
    Love your gates – and the W! Great job, Carole, and kudos to Robert for his awesome design.

    1. Carole says:

      That Robert is awesome – looking forward to working with him on this Tiny House Community, we’re a good team. So here’s the thing never limit what you can do because it keeps you growing. With a humble heart sometimes I amaze myself. Hugs!

  5. daisy says:

    Looks fabulous and oh-so easy! Thank you for sharing another great idea!

  6. mickie mclaughlin says:

    I’m not familiar with the term “chop saw” . Are you talking about a miter saw.

    1. Carole says:

      Yes finally somebody caught that which is a funny story because when I learned how to use it I said to my husband, “It’s like a Chop Saw!” So it just kind of stuck… I’m a goof and I even refer to it that way in my newest book..

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