Rejuvenating Soil with Natural Fertilizer

During the winter I spend warmer days in the garden by incorporating intense fertilizing using natural ingredients.

The garden is quiet this time of year and less difficult to feed the soil when raised beds are empty. In addition to fertilizing I also like to clean things up so everything is nice and tidy when spring arrives.

Rejuvenating the soil is the key to successful gardening and it’s something I’m extremely passionate about.

The garden is that one place on the farm where I feel God’s presence the most and even though it’s rather quiet here over the winter I find amazing things are happening underground which means a little more fertilizer that even more amazing activity will transpire.

After clean up the beds I added poured some Llama Tea and gave each bed some liquid fertilizer.   The remaining pellets were added to some of the other beds.

I even incorporated chicken droppings which is one fertilizer I normally avoid because it gives me a headache.

I finished with direct composting and was greeted with an assortment of worms.  The activity was fantastic and was a great reminder how fantastic simple feeding soil techniques can make such a difference.  After seven years of hard work this garden thrives.

Between all this fertilizing activity I sat down and looked around; all I could do was smile.

I thought of the neat memories and healing this space has provided but most of all I looked at my empty startle garden and smiled even bigger because I grew some of the most amazing peppers there last summer.

I thought about all the projects and everything shared from this space then smiled again because I remembered something my grandma told me many years ago.

You see she and I would sit near her garden together and chat and one time she told me something I’ve never forgotten. “One day Carole this knowledge will be a valuable to others.”

She went on saying people today are lazy and over time that will multiply and those people will need people like you.  I remember looking at her with a smile and thinking what is she talking about?

This was in the 70’s and when I look at the world today I think wow she really understood more than others ever gave her credit for.  Thankfully deep down I really was listening and I remember that day like it was yesterday.

Now days, I think it’s better to just the example and perhaps a few others will grab a shovel and follow.

So, here I am today sharing something as simple as rejuvenating the soil with natural fertilizer.

I could have skipped this activity but when you’ve been taught to set an example, you lead by example.  So even though we plan to sell the farm this year it doesn’t mean I should stop feeding the soil because the plants that are left behind will appreciate it.

If you don’t have access to natural fertilizer check out this post here, where I share tips on finding manure for free.

After leaving the garden I was also rejuvenated,  my heart was full of smiles because even though my intention was to just feed the soil, in return I was reminded why doing more is so inspiring.

Learn how to revive soil naturally with simple steps and ingredients. #ReviveSoil, #GardenSoil


  1. mickie mclaughlin says:

    Good Morning Carole…..this post came just as I am starting to feel housebound with the cold temps here in Maryland. The seed packets are now in the farm store and I AM SO READY to begin my seed pots for later use in the garden. (Do you have any suggestions for doing this in the home–no greenhouse).

    I have been incorporating chicken droppings from the coop in my garden. I have just been digging it in the soil. You are so right about the number of earthworms that take up residence in the compost heap. Thanks for your idea about free manure, I will be getting a load of composted horse//chicken manure from a local farm–they were happy when I called to ask about getting some. They even said if I came on Saturday, her husband would use his in-loader to put it in the truck. Talk about luck!!!

    It was bitter sweet reading your “final” gardening post. Are you preparing for a garden at your new site? If so, where are you in the process now. Your posts are always so uplifting…I too feel God’s presence more when I am outside doing whatever. Thanks for sharing your life’s musings and creations with us.

    1. Carole says:

      Good Morning Mickie! Awesome score with the fertilizer, you know farmers and ranchers are some of the most generous folks around. Not my final gardening post just the last time I’ll be working in this garden because we’re under contract right now and close on the farm next month. We’ll be moving to the new property where I’ll be sharing gardening from the ground up. It’s going to be exciting!!!
      Click here

      I’ve already shared a few posts about our future plans, we’re super excited and I’ll continue to post as it unfolds and will be adding live video. It’s going to be a blast.

      This post will help you with seed starting >> – On the Tabs bar under Gardening I’ve categories everything and most how to’s for getting going are under beginners. Gee maybe I should rename it to Get Going? So glad you enjoyed this post and took the time to share, I love hearing from the readers it makes me smile.. Stay warm and begin the countdown to spring!!

  2. Karen says:

    This is beautiful. You’re so right and as I read your words and looked at your lovely pictures, I just wanted to feel the dirt in my hands again.
    We no longer have acres to tend, but just three beds bordering the deck and garden shed, and the dream of clearing out our back yard that’s full of huge oaks, and building a few more raised beds. We had hoped to do that this winter when it got “cold” so we could outwit the poison oak, but winter just isn’t happening.
    But I still have three beds that I can spend this time feeding and preparing for spring – which isn’t that far away.
    This took me back to years I tagged behind my grandma too, then my mom, and the days I had little ones tagging behind me, plucking damp sweet peas in March, and shiny grape tomatoes in June – popping them in their mouths right in the garden. Those are all great memories that started in the soil. Garden time truly is soul time too, isn’t it?
    Thanks for sharing and for prompting such sweet memories. It’s good to slow down and live in the garden for a while.

    1. Carole says:

      Good Morning Karen and thank you.. Can you believe no tears during the process was amazing. Oh my goodness I’ll miss this soil it smells so wonderful too and I realize only a gardener would understand that statement. Wait for my book before you start building beds, I’m not kidding… I’ll be launching the Startle Garden Page tonight. It would be perfect for your lifestyle. Oh wow each of your kids could have a startle garden too. It would be awesome and you’re right spring is just around the corner and I will be starting from scratch once again. Oh I love that last statement too – Live in the garden for a while. Thanks for stopping by, enjoyed your comment..

  3. Jane says:

    Hi, Carole, love hearing what your Grandma said! Smart lady and what a beautiful memory for you. Spring is around the corner…I have slowly started to pull weeds on pretty days.

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