Hobby Farms Raising Quality Quail

In the newest issue of Hobby Farms Magazine I’m sharing, Raising Quality Quail.  Quail readers or those interested in getting started with your own quail this article is for you.

Many times quail are often overlooked because of their size, but sometimes bigger isn’t always better. In this piece discover the basics from choosing a flock, feeding acts and available business opportunities.

When this article was sent through editing sometimes I get emails for additional information or just random conversation transpires.  It’s always positive and this time I was asked if I thought Quail would be the next big thing like chickens?

Unfortunately I can’t predict the future but wouldn’t that be awesome?  These birds have brought me way more joy than our chickens.  There is something fantastic about their abilities that continue to fascinate while I move forward with the process.

Stay tuned because I’m in the beginning stages of building another sanctuary for the new property.

This bobwhite quail image with their young is probably one of the most amazing experiences ever because those little birds were hatched naturally in captivity here on the farm in the sanctuary.  I was told by many this would be impossible just like I was led to think raising quail in a natural environment wouldn’t work.  I shared that experience here on the blog.

So when I go back to that question will quail be as popular as chickens?  I’m thinking probably not because it takes a unique heartfelt person to enjoy the beauty and benefits quail have to offer.  Let’s hope I’m wrong!


  1. Botanic Bleu says:

    I was in Tractor Supply today, and there were 5-6 troughs filled with baby chicks. I had the best time just watching them and listening to them, “cheep, cheep…” There were yellow ones, black ones, yellow and black ones, etc… Just made me want to pick one up to cuddle, but of course, I did not.


    1. Carole says:

      Baby chicks are cute, it’s the baby ducklings though that really tug at my heart. They are so fun to raise up.

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