Decorate a Dog House with Dixie Style

Dixie Doodle and her new dog house

A farm dog is essential for a country lifestyle and our Dixie doodle fits her roll perfectly.

She was born almost 8 years ago in a horse barn with a bundle of cute puppies.  The mom was dumped left roaming when a kind lady took her in.  Another kind lady helped her find homes for these puppies and I’ll never forget that phone call.

The kids were excited, we had just moved in and to be honest a puppy was the last thing I needed on my plate.

Not being able to resist those cute floppy ears and her rolie polie structure Robert and I decided it would be fine.

Dixie Doodle Waiting and resting

About Dixie

Since then we’ve learned a lot about Dixie, she’s a coon hound, loves the country, will protect what belongs and has no problem running off what doesn’t belong.

She also loves to hunt rabbits and that’s just something we learned to overlook.

Dixie lives in a world of her own, full of heart as she doodles her way through each day.  The last couple of years have been confusing because she doesn’t understand an empty nest and when Lucky passed she went into a bit of a depression.

This was when she and I started to bond and I discovered a side Dixie I’d never seen before.

She makes the most of situations and always rises with gusto. It’s no doubt the move will be another difficult phase because the farm is her home.

However, this new adventure will feed her love for the outdoors and that’s what continues to help her thrive.

Dog House gets a New Coat of Paint

When we had two dogs I learned that every dog needs their own space especially indoors.  Outdoors it’s another story as Dixie preferred resting in the sheep shelters.

I recently took her favorite shelter and transformed it into a doghouse we can use at the new property.

To build this house from scratch use 2 x 4’s for the frame and close in the wall with plywood using screws to assemble.

The floor is left open because Dixie likes it that way.

Painting the Frame

The original color was green and I replaced it with a light grey.  Painting was the easy part by brushing on two coats of exterior flat; it looked so spiffy after it was dry.

At this point, Dixie was taking an interest in her new dog house, but I have to admit she kind of looked at me wondering why I was going through all this effort…


Stencil Details

Adding details came next and it seemed fitting to use single letter stencils I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  Get my how to stencil tips here.

I applied each letter onto a cedar fence board that screwed into the house frame.

The stripe stencil came from Old Sign Stencils but I think she retired that a while back.  She does have a swirl you may like here. 

Cutting Edge Stencils on a Dog House

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Flower From Cutting Edge Stencils

Other than Dixie’s name I needed something else for the house that was simple and fun.

I turned to this zinnia cutting edge stencil that I used for a chicken coop project over the winter.   This was a great addition!

Decorated Dixie Doddle Dog House

The Finished Project

The finished project is a great fit for Dixie and we plan to take it to the property on our next visit.  I lined the bottom with pink insulation foam in case it rains then placed a rug on top.

Even though she prefers bare ground I’m determined to find her a level of comfort she’ll enjoy.

 DIxie Doodle Approves of the Dog House

This project is an easy one and if you’re starting from scratch give yourself a day to complete from building, painting and stenciling.

Decorating the dog house Dixie style really didn’t take that long, it was a project that I fit in my day so it didn’t even feel like a chore and the best part Dixie was by my side the entire time.

She’s a fun dog and we’ve become pretty awesome friends.

It’s nice to have a furry friend look out after you – when they’re not hunting rabbits….

Adding Stencil Details to Jazz up a Dog house is a fun way to personalize your pets haven. #DogHouse, #Stencil


  1. It’s adorable and Dixie looks like a sweetheart. Mine go in and out as they please through a doggie door. Usually, what pleases them is to be on the couch. 🙂

    It’s tough when they lose their friends–and then to go to a new home. When our Tank was in his last hours, all the dogs kept vigil over him. I had never seen the house so quiet. They had a lot of respect for him and it took several months before they learned how to fill the hole he left.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Maria, She also sleeps indoors as her own bedroom for now, lol. If I have to go out I leave her outside because hounds really don’t belong indoors. At the property we’re putting in a shed and I think a dog door will be necessary because she doesn’t seem to keen on the RV. She went into a depression for about a month after Lucky then perked up when our son came home for Christmas for a visit. Since then she seems to have adjusted better with things coming and going. Lucky helped raised her and taught her how to protect from the time she was a pup. They were never really close but there was a level of respect between the two. Dixie is a loner but as Lucky aged especially towards the end she looked over her; it was sweet to witness that level of compassion. Dixie is something and full of surprises..

  2. Patti says:

    Hi Carole,

    What a great job you did creating such a pretty home for Dixie Doodle. I love the way you made the project seems so doable. Especially the way you stenciled the pretty cedar boards and then applied applied them to the frame of the house.

    1. Carole says:

      Hey Patti – Did I see somewhere that you were on vacation? If I’m right I hope you had a nice time. Well I tried to create something fun and think I may add more of those cedar boards around the sides and continue stenciling those zinnias. Was fun and Dixie seems to approve. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Jemma says:

    Hi Carole,
    I would have to say that Dixie is a very fortunate dog to have you as her person. Just look at her home!
    This turned out very precious.
    Great post,

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Jemma, she seems to like it but still goes into the pasture and rests in her favorite sheep shelter. Thinking once we’re at the property she’ll find a use for this house but I may have to give in and remove the rug and in the winter just fill it with hay. She’s a simple dog and I need to remember that.

  4. Jane says:

    Hi Carole, you just melted my heart! I love Dixie’s house and especially love hearing about her…my fur baby lovin heart needed this today.

    1. Carole says:

      Glad you enjoyed, she’s sitting beside me right now soaking up some a/c

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