Plant Beautiful Jade Sunflowers

Beautiful Jade Sunflowers

Gardening is such a great thing; it offers the opportunity to learn and grow new things like the beautiful Jade sunflower.  I’ve been growing sunflowers for years but this time around I wanted to focus on a specific variety.

I’ve been seeking unique qualities that include smaller blossoms, additional blooms per stem, a lemon shade of yellow, shorter stem length and a presentation that offers versatility.

All of these traits make for an amazing cut flower which is one of the reasons why I grow flowers.

Being surrounded by fresh cut flowers indoors just makes me feel alive and happy, so it’s no surprise when June arrives I’m arranging pretty vases or jars with cuttings from the garden.

Jade Sunflower Buds

They Welcome Smaller Blossoms

The appearance of smaller blossoms was the main attraction to the Jade variety. The flower blooms between 3-4 inches wide and if you can believe it, they’re pollen free.

It doesn’t take them very long to go from a bud to full beauty which is wonderful to watch.

This year I took the time to recognize that development and it was amazing.

Growing huge sunflowers is also enjoyable but over the years I’ve found them to be difficult to arrange with other cut flowers.  They seem to be better by themselves or left in the garden for the birds and bees to enjoy.

Jade Sunflower with additional blooms

Additional Blooms Per Stem

The Jade sunflower offers additional blooms per stem which was another perk.  I like this because there’s an opportunity to use those cuttings for extended table decorating.

Enjoy the freedom to select single flowers spread out in small vases, or use the entire stem for a grand focal point.  Several blossoms floating in water with candles would also look nice.

Additional blooms offer endless possibilities for a nice presentation.

Jade sunflower opening up

Beautiful Shade of Yellow

This particular bloom caught my attention through its peek a boo approach, it felt like there was something it was trying to say. Or maybe it was reminding me to slow down and notice the detail of simplicity.

This is when I observed that wonderful shade of lemon yellow, shortly after that moment the Jade sunflower moved to the top of my favorite list.

This color is refreshing where the thought of good things transpire.  What do you think of this color?

Jade also presents a green center that displays very delicate details; it reminded me how thankful I am to have a bright future as big as the Texas blue sky.

Stem Size of Jade Sunflowers

Shorter Stem Length and a Nice Presentation

The stems include additional perks because they’re manageable which keeps them from falling over when it gets really windy.  As you can see they kind of branch out and reach between 35 – and 48 ft.  Since I planted in tires they appear much taller and we’ve had a lot of rain recently so that lower foliage has turned yellow.

These sunflowers would also look great in smaller raised beds like I mention in Startle Garden, offering a grand presentation that provides shade for other plants nearby.

The Jade sunflower is not one to overlook and there’s still time to plant a crop in your own garden.

Seeds can be purchased at Johnny’s Selected Seeds here.

They take between 55-60 days to mature which means planting some Jade might be a great addition to your garden, who knows they may even inspire your next idea.

With so many sunflowers sometimes options it's hard to choose what to plant. The beautiful Jade has many benefits beginning with pollen free. Learn more. #JadeSunflowers, #GardenSunflowers


  1. Jemma says:

    Good Morning!
    Oh the sunny disposition of the sunflower! One of my all time favorites too and I am so glad that you shared one of your favorites and where to find the seeds. I did not realize all of the varieties until recent years and trying to find the one that is perfect for cutting was a bit of a challenge.
    Great post!

    1. Carole says:

      Well Good Morning Sunshine – You would like this one because that bright yellow color would look amazing in your kitchen. Sometimes I think though that sunflowers are just best by themselves because each one is so unique regardless of the variety. Enjoy a wonderful Day… Carole

  2. Patti says:

    Hi Carole,

    What a beauty. I’m definitely buying some of these. It may be too late to start them for this season but I can save the seeds for next year. Thanks for sharing. I love it when friends share their favorites. They often become my favorites too.

    1. Carole says:

      You might be able to wing it I say just plant a few seeds.. You will love this color and I forgot to mention but apparently they’re great for drying which means if I get ambitious before we move maybe I’ll make an herb wreath like yours and then add a few of these beauties. I have so many herbs right now so this may be a really good idea, now I just need to stir up some drive to do it. Thanks for stopping by as always!!

  3. sue says:

    Oh my these are spectacular and definitely on my list to plant for next year – I love all shades of green so these are just perfect as well as spectacular – many thanks for this post 🙂

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Sue – Well stop back on Tuesday next week because I’m going to take these beauties to another level of fun. So glad you like them and the centers are super neat.

  4. mickie mclaughlin says:


    1. Carole says:

      Hello Mickie – This sunflower is a fun one and that’s a perfect idea to soak those seeds so they germinate faster. Mine were up in under 5 days which was pretty sweet so you should be able to expedite that. I just finished a fun project where I incorporated with a project for next week. Just a little summer fun I think you’ll like. Have a Great afternoon..

  5. Stacey says:

    Oh wow this is so pretty! I’ve never seen a sunflower this color. Your photos are wonderful too. Looks like things are going well there. 😉

    1. Carole says:

      I’m loving this it’s seriously a lemon yellow color and it’s so bright. Had fun taking these images and well we list with a realtor tomorrow so I’m hoping it won’t be long before we head to the new property. I bet you’re all set to move into your new place, very exciting times!!

  6. Karen says:

    I’m so glad to see this post and learn more about that gorgeous sunflower you shared of Instagram! I love a cut sunflower (and even leaving them in the garden). I especially love the soft yellow of this one. It’s really unexpected and very attractive.
    I’ve got a few sunflowers coming along and am still waiting for the first blooms, but as long and hot as our summers are here, I could probably squeeze in a few Jade sunflowers too if I get some seeds on the way!
    Thank you for sharing. This is such a beauty!

    1. Carole says:

      Oh yes you have lots of time to enjoy a crop this year you’ll love it. You can dry them too so maybe you could turn them into a fun fall project later on.

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