How to Incorporate Garden Flair

Addig Garden Flair to your Space

Incorporating garden flair is one of my favorites things and I made sure to include a chapter in my book, Startle Garden.

There are a few things to keep in mind with this element and they’re pretty light concepts beginning with, keep it simple, include inspiration and remember the following:

  • Use words that inspire.
  • Add projects to welcome the birds.
  • Create interest or almost tell a story.
  • Most important, remember less is more.

I’m going to guess you have additional ideas about adding garden flair because I believe this concept means something different for everyone.

Here’s what it means to me…  Adding fun artistic items that incorporate personality beyond the planting zone, key words being fun and personality.

I’ve done this several ways in my space and I absolutely love it, especially in those areas when plants begin to wither prior to the first freeze or even more so in the spring when things are just beginning to wake up.

Garden Flair fills in empty space and adds character from things you like.

We’re going to dive into a few ideas with hopes they inspire your garden style.

Adding Garden Flair with Inspiration

Incorporate Garden Flair with Inspiring Words

We all know I love to make signs and I think I’ve used this stencil, “Bloom Where you are Planted” a lot.  Hopefully you’re not tired of seeing it but when you think about that statement, it says everything.

Sometimes when I’m in the garden feeling tired and just want to be done, I’ll see this sign and it reminds me to keep moving forward.

It also makes me smile because it reminds me of a sweet friend whom I haven’t seen in years.

Making signs is a great way to add flair and inspiration to your garden and the following projects may be of interest:

Add Elements to Welcome the Birds

I”m guessing you’ve figured out I’m an all-natural gardener, which means I never use products because I garden with nature.

This also means I welcome the birds so they can help eat the bugs, fertilize and bring a smile to my face.

This bird feeder/planter has been a great thing and I can’t seem to keep those clay pots filled with seed, the red cardinals really love it.

This was the first year I gardened without chickens and I was really concerned the bugs would take over, thankfully that hasn’t been the case because I have many elements that give the birds a reason to visit.

Here’s a list of additional projects that add flair and welcome the birds to the garden.

Tin Can Happy Sunflower Sign

Create Interest or Almost Tell a Story

I believe every garden tells a story even if there isn’t flair.  When I create something for the garden I like it to remind me of something or maybe someone.

This particular piece reminds me of a conversation with a friend and a really neat song; both make me feel happy.

Just the yellow alone is a factor of wonderful that tells a story all by itself.

Someone else may not see the story and that’s just fine because it doesn’t matter, when you create interest with a story, nobody really needs to know the story for it to inspire…. Make sense?

Just let the story be inspiration and design something that may make others smile.

Additional settings that tell a story can be found here:

Garden Flair -Less is More

Most Important, Remember Less is More

Less is more is the key ingredient to adding garden flair anywhere.  Don’t add so many elements they take away from the beauty of natural greenery and blooming flowers.

In this space, I recently moved the bird bath into the herb bed; holy cow that was heavy!!

I made sure to keep the potting sign stationary and I also incorporated a rustic planter on the opposite side.

It’s simple and yet doesn’t take away from those out of control herbs.

Now if I was going to add bright colors to this space they would take away from those herbs that have just started to bloom.

Remember when your adding Garden Flair blend it with the idea that less is more and you’ll be happier with the end result.

For more ideas check out my book Startle Garden, this is your complete guide to growing your best garden on a small scale and I can hardly wait to add flair to my planting spaces at Quail Grove.

Wait till you see what I have planned…

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  1. Patti says:

    Hi Carole,

    Adding garden flair might just be my favorite thing to do other than grow beautiful flowers. I love the extra interest it adds. Your signs are perfect examples and the sentiments just make me smile.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Patti – I put all my stencils in storage and I may have to go back and get them because I’m missing that activity. Being between properties is weird and I can hardly wait to add flair to my new space.

  2. Karen says:

    I think your advice to keep things simple is spot on. It’s so easy to get excited about adding flair and go overboard. Then we forget that the plants themselves are the real stars. I kind of think of it like “garden make-up”…just enough to accentuate natural beauty, but not overpowering! 🙂

    1. Carole says:

      I like that – Garden Make up, neat way of looking at it.. I think at my next garden I’m going to maybe do some wood burning… We’ll see..

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