Why Do People Go Tiny?

Why People Go Tiny

Have you ever wondered why some people are considering the idea of living in a tiny house?  You might question, “What are they thinking… it’s a fad.”

This movement continues to grow; most people who choose this lifestyle have different reasons.

What almost all of them have in common is this one simple word and it’s called, freedom.

Don’t you just love that word?  It speaks volumes and for me it’s like fresh air after a spring rain.

Why Robert and I went Tiny

Why Robert and I went Tiny

For Robert and I we decided we didn’t want our lives to be weighed down by our stuff.  For twenty years we focused all our energy on family and once the nest emptied it came time to think about what we wanted.

We had several thoughts, ideas and goals, they included the following:

  • Freedom
  • Move further out
  • Find more land with a smaller house
  • Decrease Tax base
  • Decrease utilities or eliminate and go off grid

If you’re looking at that list of goals you might notice a common thread, we like simple, quiet living.

Somewhere in our planning we wondered if other people our age were seeking the same thing or something similar.

When we dug deeper into our plans we always went back to that key word, freedom…

I thought about our faith and the days when Christ roamed the land…. He didn’t have a home and went from city to city by foot. Which made me wonder, if we’re to be more Christ like then what are we doing collecting all this stuff?

This is when things really started to click because I realized our stuff was tying us down.

I wasn’t going to go grab a pair of sandals and start walking from town to town to preach but I knew in my heart if more people released themselves from their mass of possessions their faith would also grow.

If you’ve downsized at all you can probably understand what I’m saying…

In Matthew 19 – 21 it says,

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

For Robert and I going tiny is a little deeper than most but yet nestled within a simple word…. freedom!

Reasons Other People Go Tiny

Reasons Other People Go Tiny

The following is a list of reasons why many people choose tiny living and it’s pretty remarkable because most are very practical.

  • Minimize to maximize lifestyle = Freedom Seekers
  • Save Money
  • Decrease carbon footprint
  • Investment = Great rental properties
  • Travel = Take it with you like an RV
  • Vacation Home = Park on your land and visit on the weekends

Could you go Tiny?

The question of the day, “Could you go Tiny?  Two years ago, I would have said no way…  Now days when the subject of living Tiny is spoken around Robert and I most people get really quiet.

We hear things like, “I could never do that or my spouse would never go for it.”  My favorite would be, “That’s interesting!”

I would agree it’s really interesting and believe me it’s not for everyone, just like it’s not for everyone to live in a 2,300- square ft. house.

Did you also know that 2,300 Sq. Ft. is the standard size of a home?

If you’re seeking some of the things I shared then living tiny might be something to consider for the future because 399 square feet is a lot bigger than you think.

Tiny Houses come in all shapes and sizes and don’t forget it’s all about freedom…

Tiny Living isn't for everyone but there is a reason why people choose it. Discover if it's something if you want to consider#TinyLiving, #TinyHouse



  1. villarosa says:

    So proud of you for following y’all heart! Thanks for sharing on this topic. Would love to se you Tiny Home!
    Smiles & Sunshine as you say … Thank you for sharing so many important subjects that affect life deeply!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you — check out our Tiny House Category – I just started writing about Tiny Living, started with my downsize process…We purchased our new property almost a year ago and we’re turning it into a Tiny House Homestead Community. It’s a huge undertaking so we decided our first Tiny home would be our RV – and I’m loving it… It’s actually smaller than the Tiny Home we plan to move into after this community is finished. We’re seeking a 399 sq ft Tiny House. Just thought the RV made more sense for now as it’s more efficient and we’ll need to focus on work… So we moved in the RV in June (We’re selling our current Farm) then moving to the new land…. it’s been amazing – absolutely love less….Thanks for stopping by to share this made my morning!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Love, love, LOVE the idea of the freedom letting go of the excess affords! We are on a similar journey, and, at this point, have let go of about 90% of our possessions. Last night, it occurred to me that we STILL have so much excess! I am looking at things with a fresh lens and plan to start as if we have not minimized at all, releasing everything we feel would hold us back, should God say, “GO”. That is how it came to me last night…I heard His whisper, “If I asked you to pick up and go, would you be held back by these things?” God help us to do all He asks and be ready to do anything He leads us to, without being encumbered by the things of this earth. I do not know what He is about to do in our lives, but I surely do know that He is certainly leading us to live life as HE lived it on earth…with an eye on eternity, not on what this world can provide or how much we can accumulate. Thank you for sharing your heart, Carole. I love to read of your journey.

    1. Carole says:

      Good Morning Cheryl, so glad you enjoyed!! Living for the kingdom and not the earth truly changes everything and our focus. Congrats on getting rid of 90% – I remember you saying something about cleaning out some time ago… It’s a process but it does feel good doesn’t it? Pairing down really helps, I remember asking myself, how many fry pans do I really need? Well I found out two work just fine but honestly one is plenty…. God is working in the lives of many people right now, I really believe this.. Sometimes it’s difficult to see in this crazy world we live because there is so much clutter to detour our journey.. I guess that’s why I enjoy the countryside so much…. I can hear him speak to me… I feel his peace and presence loud and clear and as you know that’s the best feeling in the world…. Have a wonderful weekend – Carole

  3. Patti says:

    All very good points and I know my husband definitely wants to downsize in the near future. I’m glad I will have the ability to follow you and see how it well your move to tiny and freedom progresses. Very inspiring. Thanks!

    1. Carole says:

      You’re welcome and there’s a lot of 500/600 square foot smaller homes that are super cute and cozy. My grandma had a small one bedroom house… Get this it started with 3 bedrooms when they purchased with an outhouse.. No kidding…and they raised three kids there during the depression.. Well my mom came along last and later they turned one of those bedrooms into a bathroom…. Then when I was a kid she took that other bedroom and had it opened into a sun room sitting area… She always admired large homes and always wanted one and referred to her home as her little grass shack… One day I told her….. You have the large home perks in a cozy space…. it’s perfect…. She just smiled…… I grew up in a large home and honestly I always felt most comfortable at her place… But like I said it’s a personal choice…. Hope my journey is helpful and if you ever have any specific questions please know you can ask.. Hugs – Carole

  4. Jemma says:

    Good Morning Carole,
    Your heart and mind have such clarity with this new lifestyle. God is leading you in a beautiful and fulfilling direction!
    Sun is shining and it’s a fabulous day!

    1. Carole says:

      Good Morning Jemma – I’m outside building this morning… Taking a little brain break at the moment. Clarity – YES!! God has always blessed Robert and I with direction and this one is very exciting … Enjoy the Sunshine – I hear August is going to be amazing…

  5. daisy says:

    Less stuff=more freedom. I so agree. Your life will be filled with satisfying experiences instead of maintaining and paying for all the things that clutter up our intentions. Happy for you that y’all are able to fulfill the dream. And watching you take every step closer. Enjoy the process!

    1. Carole says:

      Good Morning Daisy – wow that second statement is powerful and I completely agree. I will remember to enjoy the process as sometimes I have this tendency to get stressed about the most ridiculous things.

  6. Jane says:

    Hi Carole, I love that your journey feels like freedom! I would agree that less stuff equals more time to build memories. Even though we no longer live in our cabin and our home is larger…I still love what I consider the flow of energy. I don’t like a cluttered house or clothes I don’t wear.

    enjoy, xo

    1. Carole says:

      Yes it all boils down to Freedom… Even when I was living in the house and removing stuff I could feel the freedom in the air when things started feeling uncluttered. I do believe even in a large home a clutter free environment offers elements that are similar. The clothes we don’t wear… I so get that!!

  7. Danielle says:

    At this point in life, tiny is not for me. With 5 kids, I want as much space as possible! But we have talked about building a cabin on our land…maybe not 399sq. ft. small, but significantly smaller nonetheless. I completely understand your desire for more freedom. That’s exactly why we chose to homestead. Good for you!

    1. Carole says:

      Believe me I could never go Tiny with kids – we’re an empty nest now and it just works great for us..

  8. Mrs. White says:

    I really loved reading your reasons for wanting to live in a tiny house. I have also read a few of your posts on downsizing and getting rid of possessions. Excellent advice.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you for sharing. We just came from our storage unit today and I said to my husband…. “I think we need to pair down again…” We’re storing things for our Marine son but somewhere in the mix of it all I’m pretty sure there is more that needs to go.. Glad these tips were helpful…

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