Fall Woodland Centerpiece

Fall Woodland Centerpiece

Earlier this week we spent time cutting stumps at the property.  During the cleanup wood slices distracted my train of thought with because they presented some really neat details.

The idea of a fall centerpiece surfaced so when we got back to the farm I decided one more post was necessary before taking the next couple of weeks off.

This display was so fun and I hope you enjoy the concept of a fall woodland centerpiece.

Wood Stump Decorations

Supplies Started at Hobby Lobby

A little trip to Hobby Lobby was necessary for a candle and this twine, it looks orange and has a bit of a copper twist.  I went kind of crazy for it because  so many things can be made with it.

Everything else came from the farm keeping the idea of simplicity centered.  The end result left an appearance of minimal so you’ll have to visualize this centerpiece placed with some pretty white or cream-colored dishes with linens.

Soaking Wood Stump Pieces

Prepping the Wood Stumps

These stumps had greenery sprouting so I soaked each one in a tub of water for about an hour, this was to keep the greens looking fresh.  Then left them release the excess water for about 15 minutes on the sidewalk.

Using stumps with fresh greens can be tricky because the greenery stays fresh for a period of time, up to 4 or 6 hours. Which means a display like this would be best for a luncheon or dinner party but not long term unless they were placed in a dish or tray of water.

Woodland Centerpiece before Lantana was added

Putting Things Together

This display was placed outside at the picnic table where everything came together in minutes.  The stumps were mixed in with a few rocks, pine cones and I stretched the twine throughout.

Candles add a nice pop of color or votive candles would be a nice touch and offer a layer of elegance. Get creative with it and remember candles are an option.

Fall Woodland Centerpiece from Stumps

Add Fresh Flowers

I needed one more element to make this complete so I used Lantana cuttings because their hardy.  Rose buds would look wonderful and so would zinnia blooms.  Any flower would be nice mixed within.

Keep flowers fresh by using water picks or soak cotton balls in water, place around stem and cover in clear plastic.  The following might be easier to follow:

  • Dip the stem in the wet cotton.
  • Cover it with plastic and tie off with a rubber band or string at the base.
  • Then poke them where you like.
  • Cover the base with moss so it looks natural.

Fall Woodland Centerpiece DIY

Finally, we have this simple Fall Woodland Centerpiece ready to enjoy for an afternoon luncheon.  Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be expensive, take a look at what you already have and perhaps see if nature can offer some inspiration.

This Simple yet pretty fall woodland centerpiece is perfect for the Thanksgiving table. Easy to incorporate and enjoy. #FallCenterpiece, #FallWoodland, #Woodland



  1. Joyce Geis says:

    Always enjoy stopping by occasionally to see what you’ve been up to! Thank you for keeping it simple! Enjoy your time away.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Joyce, I really need this little break and do plan to enjoy it. I’m finding my brain just absorbs simple much better… Have a great weekend.

  2. Patti says:

    So pretty! Nature inspired centerpieces are always my favorite. I’m thinking about decorating my dining room for fall with gourds, Indian corn and acorns in a pretty and natural way too.

    1. Carole says:

      That sounds pretty, I love gourds and can hardly wait to see what you place together.. Nature seems to be inspiring my activity lately. Hope you enjoy a great weekend.

  3. What a beautiful arrangement! It fits in perfectly with your surroundings, and I love the little pops of color that you added. Happy fall!

    1. Carole says:

      Happy Fall to you! This was just something fun and inspired from a working morning at our property… I’ll be sharing some more ideas once we get settled there.

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