More Quail Grove Clearing

Quail Grove Property #1 Clearing

I’m back from an awesome break sharing our progress at Quail Grove, we started with clearing.  Establishing additional open space felt like a breakthrough and I can’t believe how energized we are about moving forward.

We’ve been on a bit of a whirl wind with the sale of our farm and we’re finally closing this morning.  After a 15-day set back, expired contract and then an extension I can safely say I will never own a traditional home site ever again and it’s absolutely wonderful to finally be free.

But enough of that because today it’s all about what Robert, Dixie and I have been up to and the progress that surrounds Quail Grove.  Lots of calories were burned as we made our way through the other side of the property using basic tools, a chain saw, weed eater and lots of fire.

Oh, and lots of water and coca cola were also consumed.

Clearing the Entrance

Clearing Begins at Property #1

After removing stumps and a huge burn pile from our space Robert moved onto clearing the first property.  It didn’t take long for him to clear a path, light fires and cut down more trees.  I followed him with the machete and weed eater to clear things further.

We have this system, he clears the path and I clean it up….

Clearing out the creek

Clearing in the Creek

The following day I ended up clearing in the creek because sometimes we make more progress working in different areas.  It was a mess, beginning with fallen trees, weeds, poisoned vines and whatever else came in my path, I burned it all and it felt fantastic!

It’s possible I may have been working through some frustration that first week because even I was surprised at my accomplishments.  After a few hours, I was able to reach where Robert was clearing and this is where it gets exciting…

Robert clearing with his new hacker

Robert Clearing with Gusto

Robert works with gusto which is good because we let the land go fallow for a year and now it’s time to clean up. Right now we’re clearing one property at a time and after a week this space is almost weed free.  He’s thrilled with our progress and ready to schedule a survey which is exciting!

Robert's clearing

Robert hacked down tall weeds, started burning fallen trees and before long uncovered the original entrance.  I’m going to guess the nearby farmers are thrilled we’re finally cleaning things up around here.  This year we’re surrounded by cotton fields which I love!

Clearing with Gusto

Beyond the Creek

Later I went to the other side of the creek and started burning.  Remember the snake magnet tree?  Well it was a bois d arc mess and we burned it down to nothing…  We’re actually still clearing this space because everything was intertwined like a maze.

The smell of smoke is glazed in my sinuses and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to smell anything else.  I’m kidding but after two weeks of burning I need to smell something fresh and clean.

earing land is life changing

Over the Weekend

We plan to spend part of the weekend working so we can finish clearing and finally get gravel delievered.  Yes, lots of gravel is headed our way but that’s a story for another time.

We’re hoping by the first part of October we’ll be living here full time because right now were kicking back at a nearby RV/Resort.  It’s been fun and relaxing to be someplace new and every time we go into a local business we’re greeted with a kindness.

I like Delta County, it appears to be filled with some neat people.

Dixie is in paradise at Quail Grove

As For Dixie

As for Dixie, she’s been burning up the country side exploring, jumping in a nearby ponds and sniffing her way through Quail Grove. Her inner hunter has been released! She even learned how to swim a couple weeks ago at the lake and has agreed this new lifestyle fits us three perfectly…

Tiny Homestead Clearing at Quail Grove Property #1




  1. Karen says:

    How exciting that all the long planning and preparing is finally a reality! You’ve accomplished a ton over the past couple of weeks and I can tell your heart is totally in this project – and full of joy. Best wishes on the closing today – and a brand new chapter ready to unfold.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Karen – We are excited about today and looking forward to a nice weekend too. We do about 3 or 4 hours of work in the morning and head back to the RV and relax. I’m sure once we live out here full time we’ll be able to work longer breaks in between. Well I know Robert will, he’s scheduling the survey today and anxious to get things rolling. This project feels right and I’m excited about where it will take us..

  2. mickie mclaughlin says:

    WOW…you have made great progress. I was hoping to see a photo of the creek area you were working at clearing. Have you encountered many snakes? That machete is a mean looking tool. The photo of Dixie is really cute. I know she is loving exploring this new place smelling the tracks of all the creatures that share the property. Is she a barker or a howler?. Those plants in pots behind her in the photo…..are those transplants from the old place? Did you bring any of your animals with you? What was the final walk-away from the farm like? Bittersweet, I am sure.

    It is great that you and your hubby are both so excited about this new venture. Yes, your followers are anxiously awaiting the next progress installment.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you!! The creek bed is actually dry so it’s not much to look at, but in photo three that’s a good section of it – plan to get back in there tomorrow and finish this one spot and then get a better photo. Snake skin yes but no actual snakes which is weird, I guess the hogs eat them. I keep a knife on me so I’m prepared and yes that machete is fierce, works great!! Dixie is having a blast, at the farm she was a barker and howls at sirens. She’s a coon hound with personality. She has a tendency to run and bark at those driving by, just like she did at the farm. Loves to claim her territory and protect it. Those plants were all propagated from the farm just waiting for me to get them in the ground We finally decided to sell the emus to a rancher over near Fort Worth. They’re in a flock of 10 now which is a great thing. The quail were released last winter, sold the chickens and then the sheep and llama were also sold and living about an hour from here on more land in a larger flock. Everybody was able to stay together which was a blessing. Those decisions were difficult and much harder than leaving the house. The thing is we were both done and ready to move forward… I didn’t even shed a tear as we drove away because I can see where God has us on a new journey that is going to be incredibly exciting. Robert and I are so blessed and working as a team I have to say is exciting… The other day when I was clearing he commented how neat it is that we’re on the same page…. I just responded and said “where else would I be?” Which was followed by a smile…. It’s all good and come Tuesday I have something fun to share for the garden… I’m in this element of great right now – I know there will be set backs and frustrations but I feel stronger and I’m so ready to move forward.

    2. Carole says:

      Real quick Mickie -I’m in the process of getting a new camera so for you – I may have to just do a video of that creek. Stay tuned and hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Patti says:

    How exciting! You’ve really accomplished so much in a short time, even with a few snags, which we all know is part of life. I’m so happy for you and love hearing about this new adventure in your life. Can’t wait to hear more.

    1. Carole says:

      Thanks Patti – I’m finding snags make me a stronger person and allow me to open my eyes even more to the world we live in. I’ve got a fun project for Tuesday – it’s not mine but something I just couldn’t keep from sharing because it’s a classic piece for the garden. Have a great weekend – we’ll be clearing land…

  4. Carla from Kansas says:

    Hi Carole, Great to hear from you today. I’m interested to hear more about this project. When do you anticipate having other people move into the area. Will the tiny houses already be built. How will all that work? Thinking ahead that I might like to move! Carla

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Carla, Great questions and I do plan to get an actual page up on the blog to answer all these questions. So real quick we’re going to be setting up homesteads one at a time and they will be available as we complete. Robert hopes to have to have the first one ready by the first part of November or sooner. He’s very ambitious. Tiny houses will be 399 square feet, built at a nearby facility and delivered onto each property prior to listing to sell. In the next couple of weeks I should have all the details completed we’re just waiting on a survey so we can move forward. It’s going to be awesome and each property will have a Startle Garden already established. Hope that helps…

  5. lynn spencer says:

    Holy Cow Carole, I just caught up on all your exciting plans! What an exciting adventure and I can’t wait to see how your tiny home community develops. And I know that the exhaustion that you feel after one of your days working on your new land is that good kind of exhaustion…no doubt you are all sleeping well…especially Dixie.

    Looking forward to your next update…gonna live it vicariously.

    Hugs, Lynn

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Lynn, We’re excited and headed back out there tomorrow to almost finish clearing that first property, not sure we can get it all done but we’ll try. We should be living here full time in a couple weeks and I can hardly wait. Sleeping the best ever, especially Dixie and getting trim again which is an added bonus. Dixie is such a kick – we took today off so this afternoon she was well rested and ready to go so we surprised with a trip to the lake where she went swimming and explored. Never thought I would be developing land but I have to say we both are really enjoying it. Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed!

  6. Andra Rogers says:

    Love following your garden blog….we are looking for land so you are a few steps ahead of us. it’s fun and interesting, as well as a learning experience for me to be able to see what y’all are going through here. thanks for sharing from clearing to building, and all that comes in between and after. it’s inspiring 🙂 ~Andra

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Andrea, we’re doing this project for other people. This property will be a tiny house homestead community with 28/1 acre sites. A while back I wrote a year long Homestead Series that you may find helpful. I wrote it in sequence from buying land to setting it up, find it here >>
      If you click under the Tiny Home category you can also find additional homesteading info where I mixed in some other things like raising chickens. We just sold our farm – closed yesterday, it was a great place we revived and now our goal is to help others get back to the land and live simpler.

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