Quail Grove Survey is Done

Quail Grove Survey is Done

Quail Grove is officially sectioned off and the survey is done.  Well almost, the stakes and pink flags are in the ground and those measurements are now being uploaded to a program back at their office documenting everything they accomplished in the field.

The survey process is fascinating and I had no idea what was involved, they mentioned it was like a treasure hunt because the first step is to find and mark the original stakes.  That happened on their first visit then we cut the field, removed more trees, and cleaned out brush so they could come back and turn this project into a reality.

Good People in our Path

Robert and I knew from the beginning this project was going to be a big undertaking. But we also knew God would guide us and when fear or doubt surfaced, he would lift us up and place good people in our path.

Finding someone to survey was very much stepping out in faith because we didn’t know anyone who does this sort of thing. This led us to the internet, made a few phone calls and Mr. Cooper was the first one to return our call. Yes, that’s right his last name is the same as the town we live.

Robert mentioned he was helpful, informative and was even able to offer an estimate prior to moving forward.  After that first phone call it was clear we found the right surveyor.

Little did we know he’s also running for congress in our district.  We discovered this the first day he came out to the property, that’s when I was impressed. What a rare moment to meet a hard-working gentleman who loves this country and seeking to serve.

While some folks are counting days towards retirement he’s out there setting an example of leadership.  Fellow Texans in District 4 read more here.

The Survey for Quail Grove Tiny Homesteads

The Survey Based on 1 acre lots

The survey begins with certain equipment, a good team and a plan.  In our case a simple plan based on 1 acre lots establishing each Tiny homestead.  For Robert and I this project is about getting people back to the land and encouraging others to make their space useful again.

It’s when we lose connection with the land that we forget what it really means to be free.

So, when I was out in the field taking these photos I realized a surveyor is beyond a treasure hunt, they’re a part of our history. These people help shape progress from the first railroad, to roads we travel, jobs sites and even our homes they were all established from a survey.

It easy to take these things for granted but what you need to remember is everything has a beginning and who would have thought progress begins with a stake in the ground?

Measuring the distance

Measuring and Lining up

This device is used to measure, calculate and align the distance for the entire layout.  There is a lot of math involved and there’s no room for error.  Once everything is complete they go back and double check things to make sure everything is correct.

It was correct and we also found out we have to move some things a few feet to the left; this would include our road, shed, RV and my first garden.  This was a little upsetting at first but then I remembered my time here is temporary and this project isn’t about me, it’s better to get this right and present a community where people will be proud to live.

Lining up the survey plan

Lining up the Distance

These hardworking guys help line things up and once it’s correct a stake goes in the ground with a little flag.  Notice they carry a super machete on the back of their 4-wheeler.  This is in case they need to remove any limbs and such prior to placing stakes.

Robert worked with them for a couple days with his chain saw in hand clearing out where they couldn’t reach and of course Dixie tagged along.

Driving in a stake

Installing Stakes

You can see Mr. Cooper in the distance, both tripods are used to measure distance and once it’s correct the stakes go underground.  There’s no fancy device folks to install these stakes they use a good old-fashioned hammer.

Stakes should never be removed and you probably have these markers at the corner of your property right now.  Can you imagine the number of stakes placed across the country?

Robert the cutting crew and Dixie there to make sure everyone is okay.

Towards the End of the Project

This was the last stake to be driven taking us into the County Road.  Dixie embraced these fellas as part of her pack looking forward to their arrival each day. She’s become more of our welcoming committee than a protector these days.  She sure loves it out here as do most people when they spend a little time with us.

If you need a Survey in Texas we highly recommend – John Cooper, Contact Here.. 

Adding T-Post to cover the flags

Adding T-Posts

Robert has gone back into the field to place t -posts next to the pink flags.  This is just in case these flags are removed from wild life before fences are installed. Our focus now is to get this plot registered with the county so we can move forward.

Quail Grove is a reality, we can visually see the layout and it looks really amazing. Each property is scaled perfectly and what a comfort knowing God continues to guide us every step of the way.

If you might be interested in learning more about this community contact us at Carolewest@gardenupgreen.com or subscribe to the blog here where I share updates in our weekly emails.

The Quail Grove Survey is Done for Tiny Homesteads



  1. Patti says:

    Oh the plot thickens. I truly love hearing about this great project. Thanks again for sharing it with the world.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Patti, that makes me smile. Trying to pick and choose what to share is sometimes difficult but this was really exciting to me and I couldn’t resist.

  2. mickie mclaughlin says:

    I’m with Patti….can’t wait for the next installment. You didn’t have a photo of YOU in this one. I know you were doing more than photographing the work in progress. It will be interesting to see how you “move” the shed, garden, road, etc. We on this end share your excitement about this life changing endeavor. mickie

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Mickie, You know I didn’t do much with this but take pictures. I did a little clearing in the treeline but that was about it and it took place before the surveyors came out.
      Glad you’re enjoying this journey, I have to agree it’s pretty exciting. I agree it will be interesting, just really involves more clearing and which Robert has already started and the garden, well one shovel at a time, thinking about doing it today….maybe tomorrow… LOL the road well that’s more gravel but and the shed will just just be twisted, I think it’s only 20 feet at the most…

    2. Carole says:

      But I Forgot to add where I plan to raise Quail is a GO…..

  3. Charlene Dryman says:

    I know you are super excited to get that done. It would be nice someday if you could fly a drone over so we could see how everything is mapped out.

    1. Carole says:

      Very just helps us move forward. I will have to add that to our list, I might have someone who can do that too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jemma says:

    Great post Carole, with helpful information, and a whole lot of heart too.
    Looks like a wonderful Autumn weekend ahead of us-enjoy!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you, probably too much heart…. LOL But it’s who I am so I’m learning to embrace it and see it as a blessing.
      Yes a wonderful weekend indeed, course Robert is already complaining… he doesn’t like the cold.

  5. j erickson says:

    I just wrote a note but lost it. I will call you in a few days

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