Selecting A Quail Habitat Location

Choosing Quail Habitat Location

It’s been quite a while since I released the last flock of quail and I’ve missed raising them.  It was fun listening to their call through the summer but it wasn’t quite the same as having quail in a nearby habitat.

Now that we’re settled at the new property I’m anxious to get started on a new sanctuary location for spring.  I’m taking careful planning notes to optimize results and focusing my attention on the ground layout.

With a few key things to consider today I’m sharing the spot that I’m about 90% sure will be the new space for our quail habitat.  Why only 90% sure? Well our survey isn’t quite finished and I have to make sure this space is within our 1-acre property line because I don’t want to move it later.

This habitat will be stationary and stretch between 30 – 40 feet, a little smaller than my last set up so moving won’t be an option. I’m scaling back just a tad because we have a lot going on and I don’t want to over extend myself.

It’s possible I could be getting a little wiser the further we move into the country.

Wooded area with crab grass

Seek High Ground with Good Drainage

High ground is always the first thing to look for especially if you live in areas where it rains a lot; I also look for good drainage.  This space is on the opposite side of the creek, it hasn’t been cleared so there is a lot of debris lying around.

Checking for high ground and good drainage is easy to uncover right after a heavy rain, which is something we finally received early Sunday morning.  This area looked pretty much the same as before the rain with the exception of all the moisture.  There were no puddles and even with the clay soil is wasn’t like gumbo.

Scoping out an area for quail can take some time, I’ve found fall and winter fantastic seasons due to weather conditions.  Take notes and use those when you’re planning a habitat.

Quail Habitat Grass Selection

Native Grasses

Native grass is also another blessing your quail will appreciate; I wrote another article on the topic here.  This particular area is rich in crab grass, it’s not a wonderful grass but quail do like it and enjoy a little vegetation from the nut production.  It’s also good nesting material so I can’t complain too much.

If this space becomes my project location then I’ll plant additional seed after the sanctuary is built.   I like at least three native grasses within a natural because they provide shelter and help supplement their diet.

Quail Habitat Location

Other Things to be Aware of

The ground in this area is further opposite, away from where the road will go and close to the creek.  I noticed there was plenty of gap areas for additional seed which is great.  All this natural debris is another benefit as the bug population will be plentiful.

With a 28-acre community and a wild life preserve next door natural vegetation should never be a concern.

Life out here is very different compared to the farm which makes planning fun and if our survey squares off our acre like I hope then this will be the new location for raising quail.  To say I’m exciting would be an understatement.

If quail are in your future and you plan to raise them in a natural environment remember to first seek high ground with good drainage.

How to Select A Quail Habitat Location


  1. mickie mclaughlin says:

    Carole… this is an interesting article even though I am not planning to raise quail. I noticed your comment that your property is next to a wildlife sanctuary. How fortunate. One photo in an earlier post shows what looks like a wetlands area….is that near your property also?

    1. Carole says:

      Not sure which photo you’re referencing but no wetlands here.

  2. Patti says:

    Hi Carole,

    If I wanted to raise quail I would have absolutely no idea how to go about it. I love that your article makes it seem so doable and will be extremely helpful to others who are lucky enough to be able to live with those adorable creatures. I’m curious to see just how many of your neighbors down the line take up raising their own quail just like you.

    1. Carole says:

      Me to – I have this feeling though there will be chickens, I may have to help them set up a Quail habitat.. Seems to be more of a guy thing than female. Which I don’t get because these birds are so fun to watch… Very relaxing.

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