Stenciled Garden Storage Box

Stenciled Garden Storage Box

Months ago, when I was getting rid of things this grey box was set aside.  Since the move I’ve been trying to get my grove back; for me that begins with getting organized.  One might think after such a large downsize what would be left to straighten up?  Well, we didn’t get rid of everything and it seems our office space was no place for my gardening stuff.

Which brings me to this grey box, I used it for several things in the past and now I’ve taken it outdoors for garden storage.  It’s perfect to stash flower pots, small garden tools and accessories.

The box was in desperate need of an update so I removed the ribbon and decided to add stencil details that inspire positive activity. I refer to this as Garden flair in my book, Startle Garden and the results sprouted encouragement.

Supplies for Stencil Garden Box

This post contains affiliate links for Cutting Edge Stencils and Dixie Belle Paint, Click here to read site terms.

Supplies for Stenciling Garden Box

  • Bloom where you are planted stencil, Etsy Here
  • Dahlia Grande > Cutting Edge Stencils Here
  • Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint, color Fluff > Get Here
  • You’ll also need painter’s tape and a Stencil Brush – purchase at any craft store.

Click “How To” Stencil Tips

The Dahlia Stencil From Cutting Edge

I love this Dahlia stencil, it’s simple, smooth transfer and it complimented, Bloom where you are planted. I ran into a little difficulty in areas where the wood wasn’t flat so make sure to use painters tape during the stencil process.

This was also the first time using Dixie Belle chalk paint; it’s very easy to use and like most chalk paint it dries fast.  My goal is to eventually replace all my paints with this brand as I run out because it’s simply awesome.

Finished Garden Storage Box

After about 30 minutes I was done and thrilled to have this garden box sitting next to my first garden space.  The dahlia was added to both sides, a few on the back side and a couple more on the top lid.  Simple and Sweet!

This Garden Storage box turned out to be the perfect container for my garden supplies and I’m glad we didn’t get rid of it.  If you lack space or funds for a shed don’t forget that a simple box can be a great solution at a fraction of the price.  Keep things simple and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Garden Storage Box Jazzed up With Stencils




  1. Patti says:

    Love this idea. We have a shed, a garage and I have a potting bench. Yet, my tools still get lost from time to time. I’ve notice some people have smaller boxes in their garden to keep tools also. Hmmmm Just may have to try something like this soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Carole says:

      Might make a great sitting bench too – that just came to me. I’m loving this but guess what we’re having our survey done right now and I found out yesterday I have to move my first Startle Garden. More on that later…. That’s why there was no garden update today… Enjoy a great weekend Patti and glad this was inspirational.

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