The Making of Quail Grove Sign

Making a Sign for Quail Grove Homesteads

The making of this project involved a collaborative effort and finding the time was another element.  Through the process I realized the Quail Grove wording could easily be changed with a special message, last name or address.

In general signs are easy to make and they’re a great way to define a space. This one has a tricky step that may come across intimidating if you’re not familiar using a table saw, I’ll explain later.

I’ve placed this right out front near the road in a flower bed.  Several other things will happen before it’s picture ready, but I’ve already added Coral Drift roses and we’re just waiting on wild grasses next.  It’s turning out to be a neat rustic entrance.

The Making of Quail Grove Sign

Building Supplies and Finishing Materials

Besides the wood and hardware, power tools will be necessary, if this is an area where you lack confidence don’t despair because maybe a spouse or friend can help.  For the most part we’re just cutting straight lines but there is a point where I take a tree branch and split it in half.

My sweet friend Karen came to my rescue and created the quail stencil using her Cricut.  To learn more about that machine click here, she explains it perfectly.

Supplies can be purchased at any home improvement store and stenciling materials online or at a craft store.

  • Drill plus bits and screws
  • One eight foot 2 x 8 Board
  • One eight foot 2 x 4
  • Cedar Branch
  • Deck mate screws
  • Sand Paper, Stain + rag
  • White Chalk Paint, Stencil Brushes and Stencils

Connecting the boards

Cut, Stain and Connect Wood

  1. Cut the wood to size – legs were cut at 3.5 ft. and the base boards were 3.1 ft.
  2. Sand each piece if necessary and Stain using a rag.  Apply stain lightly with the grain of the wood and let air dry.
  3. Once dry, line the boards lengthwise and connect the legs to each end, allow about an inch overhang at the top.
  4. Drill 4 pilot holes into each side leg and connect with screws.  More about Pilot Holes here.
  5. Once the sign is connected it’s time to stencil.

Laying things out

Collaborative Stenciling

I mentioned earlier Karen helped with the quail stencil, which was really sweet.  I sent her a text one afternoon and asked if she could make it with her cricut and she went right to work.  I’m blessed to have sweet friends and she’s a fun DIY blogger you may enjoy visiting here.

The stencil letters came from Hobby Lobby.  Transferring individual letters can be challenging even if they come from the same bunch because there is always one letter a little smaller than the rest.  In this case it was the O; in the end it didn’t really matter.

Get my how to Stencil Tips here, and don’t forget to do a transfer test first before attempting your finished piece.

Splitting Cedar with a table Saw

Splitting Cedar

When you’re clearing land, there’s always a branch or tree coming down and I have this tendency to grab things for projects later.  This time it was a cedar branch that I cut the length of the sign.  Then I took it over to the table saw and cut it right down the center.

This was pretty fast and also pretty dangerous so I don’t recommend doing this without supervision if you’re new to using power saws.

Connecting Cedar Strips from the backside with Screws

Attaching Cedar Branches

Attaching the branches involved flipping the sign, drilling pilot holes and connecting with screws.  Go through the 2 x 4 from the back into the cedar and it’s done.

This little step isn’t necessary but it sure adds character that I hope to carry through in additional outside projects.

Quail Grove has a Welcome Sign

It’s finished and ready for placement to greet visitors.  This sign is simple just like Quail Grove and sitting comfy in a flower bed at the front of the property.  Now you make something similar for your home.

Making a Sign For the Entry at Quail Grove Tiny Homes



  1. Patti says:

    Your sign turned out beautiful and I love the fact that you created a flower garden to place it in.

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you -planted roses from the farm and I think I’ll add Lantana in front of the sign in the spring. It looks neat and will be easy to maintain.

  2. Jane says:

    it is perfect. the sign reminds me of pulling into some of my favorite campgrounds as a kid.

    so excited to watch it all unfold!

    1. Carole says:

      Thank you Jane- – this was fun to make and it looks really neat in the ground. Robert is putting in our rustic fence so when I get the rest of that space planted I’ll probably share it in conjunction with that.

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