Build a Vertical Raised Bed

Build A Vertical Raised Bed

Here we are a few weeks later with DIY instruction to build your own vertical raised bed.  I love this project y’all, it can be incorporated for growing a large variety of producing plants like my blackberries here. 

This design is the best of both worlds and simplifies the plant management process.  People mention all the time that I do a lot, and it’s true so how do I accomplish everything you see her?  Honestly, it’s all about careful planning and letting nature work for me.

It’s that simple and you can do it too; the key to your success is the setup, which means it’s also the most time consuming and worth the effort…

Okay enough preaching let’s dive into this easy build vertical raised bed.

Begin with Cutting the wood ends for each raised bed

Necessary Tools and Materials

This list includes what I used to make this project possible. Take note, you can get by with one drill and a skill saw just fine, but do not skimp on the wood materials.

With the trellis I begin the frame with three 2 x 4’s – the interior part of the project can be changed based on what your growing.  Materials like additional 2 x 4’s, welded wire, string or whatever you use to grow vertical can be incorporated inside the frame.  I’ll be using 2 x 4’s for my blackberry vines and those boards will be added in the spring.

  • Table and Chop Saw.
  • Two drills, one for pilot holes the other for inserting screws.
  • 18 screws – Deckmate 2.5 inches.
  • Two 8 ft. 2 x 10’s – No cutting necessary for side walls.
  • One 8 ft. 2 x 12 – Cut 2 at two feet for raised bed ends.
  • Three 8 ft. 2 x 4’s – For Trellis cut one at 7.93 ft. and the side walls base measurements on reachable height.  Mine were 5.11 ft. so I can still reach the berries during harvest season.

NOTE: Make sure to measure before cutting as some 2 x 4’s are not always the same length at the time of purchase.

Vertical Raised Bed Assembly

Raised Bed Assembly

Assembly is really a breeze so follow these steps and you will have a raised bed in minutes.

  • Drill two pilot holes first at the end of each 8 ft board.  How and why to drill pilots holes here.
  • Connect by drilling one side wall to a 2 ft. end board and repeat to the opposite end.
  • Repeat the previous step on the opposite side and you have a raised bed.

Building the Vertical Trellis

Trellis Assembly

If you thought the raised bed was easy then you’re in for a treat because the trellis is a breeze.

  • Take the longest 2 x 4 (7.93 ft.) and drill two pilot holes at each end on the 4 ft. side.
  • Connect that board to the trellis wall ends. (Mine were the 2 x 4/ 5.11 ft. boards)
  • One you have the frame connected drill 3 pilot holes on the inside of the bottom legs and insert screws to where they won’t fall out.

Attaching the Trellis

Adding the trellis is much easier with two people but it can be done solo with a little coordination, lining things up correctly and having your drill handy.  Simply lift and carry the trellis to the raised bed and place inside the raised bed.

Once lined up correctly finish drilling in one screw and move to the opposite end doing the same; make sure everything is straight before drilling the second screw.  Now the trellis is secure finish drilling the rest of the screws.

NOTE: I attached from the interior because I was doing this myself and it was easier in addition to having the appearance of a clean end board.

As noted earlier different materials can be sued on the interior of the frame for trailing. I’m going to be adding 2 x 4’s measuring from the inside of the frame and screwing in place.  Do not use boards smaller than 2 ft wide, they will sag and not last as long.

Filling and Staining the Structure

Staining, Filling and Planting the Raised Bed

Treat the wood frame with whatever materials you prefer, some of you may want to leave the wood all natural which is fine. I chose to stain so everything on our property is cohesive, leaving the interior of the bed natural with the exception of two inches from the top for appearances.

Filling and planting these raised beds is my favorite part and you can get those details here.  As always, I used natural elements in conjunction with the soil, the results are amazing and I even tossed in a few worms to speed things along.

You may also enjoy reading how to amend clay soil quickly article here. These tips can be used for all soil types and never miss the chance to add Direct Compost here.

Get my complete guide to growing Thornless blackberries in our shop.  It’s a great complement to this style of raised bed.

Vertical Raised Bed with Trellis is complete and ready to plant

Project Complete

I wish this project was complete but there’s three more buckets of berry cuttings waiting to be transplanted so my next step is to calculate the wood needed for the next set of beds.

The plan is to build the rest all at once then slowly prep for spring planting with hopes this will speed things along.  Thankfully building is a fun activity for this gardener.


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  1. Patti says:

    You make it seems so doable. Having the trellis as part of the raised bed is perfect for so many things. Berries are perfect but I could also see beans or beautiful smelling sweet peas, morning glories and black eyed Susan vines. I have to put this on my do to list.

    1. Carole says:

      SO very doable… Yes you got the right idea because this structure is so versatile.

  2. liz says:

    I have a similar set up for my raised beds and it works out great – and is so affordable! Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!

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