The New Pioneer – Ground Raised Quail

The New Pioneer Raise Quail Naturally

When I finally uncovered the contact information for The New Pioneer I was eager to write for them, it’s a very DIY style magazine directed towards working the land.  I zoomed right in with ground raised quail and the rest is history.

This was a fun article to write, focused 100% on how I’ve been raising quail from the very beginning, which means I was honored for the opportunity. In my opinion there is no better way to raise quail for eggs, meat and enjoyment.

Besides Ground Raised Quail this Spring issue is loaded with great articles.  The variety will knock your socks off, they even covered the Cajun Navy who came to our rescue in south Texas.

If you enjoy reading about others working the land this is your go to magazine, Subscribe Here…

Ground Raised Quail Article

I’m going to warn you; Ground Raised Quail is a lengthy article and Dixie even got in on the photo activity.  This is a national magazine and can be found at most grocery stores, Books a Million, and Barnes and Noble.  Enjoy!

The New Pioneer Ground Raised Quail


  1. Erin says:

    I picked up a copy of this magazine yesterday. Great article and I enjoyed reading it!
    Do you ever have issues with mice or snakes getting into your aviary through the chicken wire? I know the wire is small, but I’ve seen them sometimes squeeze into small places. Also, since you have raised both Coturnix and bob whites, how does the meat compare between the two?

    1. Carole says:

      Hello Erin – so glad you enjoyed that is a great magazine jammed pack with goodness. I’m attaching a post on snakes and at our farm I didn’t have issues, where I’m at now could be a whole new thing as we’re further out in the country.

      So my favorite for meat is the bobwhite -you get a little more meat but it has a slight game flavor which I like… The coturnix is mild and I like their eggs better as they produce more often.

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